Causes of crankshaft wear in roots vacuum unit

Roots vacuum unit in use after a period of time, often can appear the crankshaft wear, the wear is uneven, the main journal and the connecting rod journal of radial wear mainly oval, crankshaft journal wear a cone-shaped mainly along the axial. So, how did these crankshaft wear out?

Causes of crankshaft wear in roots vacuum unit:

1, because the oil way is tilted to connecting rod journal, when unit crank rotating centrifugal force, under the action of lubricating oil of mechanical impurities, partial product in the side of the connecting rod journal, speeding up the side of the journal of wear, make a cone-shaped connecting rod journal wear.

2. The bending of the connecting rod, the center line of the cylinder and the center line of the crankshaft of the unit are not perpendicular to each other, which will result in uneven forces along the shaft neck and wear deflection.

3, journal of elliptic wear, is due to the force acting on the shaft neck caused by uneven distribution of direction along the circumference, roots vacuum unit work, the comprehensive force of connecting rod journal suffered always acting on the inner side of the connecting rod journal, outward direction along the radius of the crankshaft, connecting rod shaft caused by internal jugular side wear.

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