Vacuum pump in anticorrosive wood production

What is the function of vacuum pump in anticorrosive wood production

The product users of vacuum pump manufacturers include some wood production enterprises, such as the common anti-corrosion wood production. Many people don’t know the function of vacuum pump in the wood industry production. Kelexi uses a simple process and diagram to tell you how the vacuum pump plays a role in the anti-corrosion wood production.

The core technology of anti-corrosion wood production is to penetrate the preservative into the wood through vacuum and high-pressure impregnation, so as to realize the reaction between the preservative and the starch, cellulose and sugar in the wood, destroy the living environment of the bacteria and ant insects that cause the wood to rot, and improve the outdoor anti-corrosion performance of the wood.

In the process, the dried wood is put into the pressure tank first, and the air in the tank is removed by the vacuum pump (the cell structure of the dried wood will be relatively fixed, so as to reduce the cracking and deformation of the wood, which is also conducive to the immersion of preservatives. In addition, wood vacuum drying is also one of the applications of vacuum pump); then, specific preservatives are injected into the wood, and then the preservatives are infiltrated into the inner layer of wood through pressurization; during the vacuum high-pressure impregnation, high temperature qualitative analysis is required to improve the anticorrosion performance; after the vacuum high-pressure impregnation is completed, the vacuum pump is also required to realize the vacuum recovery of redundant preservatives, so as to reduce the environmental impact of chemicals Finally, the wood is dried out of the tank to ensure that the preservative ingredients are fully fixed in the wood. After this step is completed, the anti-corrosion wood can enter the processing and finalization stage and be applied to specific scenes.

The simple and intuitive flow chart is as follows:

Vacuum pump in anticorrosive wood production
At present, vacuum high pressure impregnation is considered to be a good anticorrosive wood production process, so it has been widely used in wood production enterprises.


Vacuum pump in anticorrosive wood production

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