Vacuum Pump For Cow Milking Machine

Vacuum pump is the foundation of milking work in dairy farm. In milking equipment, it is just like human heart. Too high or too low blood pressure is dangerous to human body. Therefore, choosing appropriate vacuum pump and its working stability are directly related to milk production, milk quality, incidence of mastitis, milking efficiency, etc. Our extensive experience in the production of vacuum pumps ensures reliable vacuum technology.

In any milking system, reliable vacuum equipment is the key. During milking, a continuous vacuum is required to compensate for the milk filling pipe and any air leakage. If the air and milk flow into the system is greater than the capacity of the pump, the vacuum will be reduced. This will slow down the flow of milk and cause milk to accumulate in the pipes, which may cause bacterial contamination of milk and breasts.

The efficiency of the pump depends on its capacity, which is expressed in liters of air per minute (L / min) drawn at a pressure of 50 kPa. The mechanism is usually composed of a pump and a motor connected with a rubber tube. Pumps require lubrication, usually including the use of a recirculation system that allows oil to be recovered through hoses.

There are also water lubricated pumps, which use vanes to push liquid against the pump wall and create an internal vacuum. They are smaller than oil lubricated pumps (pumps and motors in a unit), have less noise, and have lower maintenance costs. However, they are expensive and require the use of appropriate water (to prevent lime problems).

The pump continuously draws more air than is needed to produce a vacuum reserve. Cows should not be exposed to too much vacuum, and a stable vacuum level is very important for comfort during milking. A regulator allows controlled air leakage to maintain a stable vacuum.


Roots vacuum pump is a heavy-duty vacuum supply equipment of milking system, which can be operated for a long time and has strong pumping capacity. It is applied to large-scale milking equipment. Its advantages are less maintenance, high reliability, no oil lubrication and sealing, no pollution.

This pump is specially designed for the milking machine. High quality and portable. It is a ideal product that can give you a hand in milking the cow.

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