Best dry screw vacuum pump

The new green vacuum pump can deal with the gas containing condensable steam, including fine particles but not remaining in the pump. Less wearing parts, high vacuum, high pumping speed and long service life. Used in medicine

The best dry screw vacuum pump is a high-tech product, mainly used in high-purity vacuum process. And can achieve a very high vacuum; especially suitable for electronic, chemical and biomedical industries. Compared with other types of dry pump, dry screw vacuum pump has higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. The best dry screw vacuum pump is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, coating, semiconductor and other industries.

best dry screw vacuum pump characteristics :

1. There is no medium in the studio, so a clean vacuum can be obtained.

2. The surface of the working chamber and the screw rotor has anti-corrosion coating, which can adapt to the harsh working conditions.

3. The gas is not compressed in the pump, which is suitable for pumping condensable gas

4. A single pump can pump air from the atmosphere to 1pA, and can greatly simplify the vacuum system.

5. The influence of water temperature on vacuum is very small, which can save more than 90% of water, even without water consumption.

6. No oil consumption, no dripping.

7. There is no friction between rotating parts, which can run at high speed, and the size of the whole machine is very small.

8. Simple structure and easy maintenance.

9. Directly pump out the pump body, without water pollution and environmental protection pressure, and gas recovery is more convenient.

10. It can be used in combination with roots pump and molecular pump to form oil-free device.


For these different types of dry screw vacuum pumps, we are eager to reduce their physical size. But this is not consistent with the pumping speed of the vacuum pump, because the pumping speed of the vacuum pump is proportional to the volume of the vacuum pump, and small physical size means small volume. Of course, there is another important factor that will affect the pumping speed of the vacuum pump, that is, the speed. In order to match the suction speed of small vacuum pump with that of large vacuum pump, it is necessary to increase its speed. There are two ways to change the speed of the vacuum pump. One is to change the frequency of power supply, i.e. use inverter; the other is to change the transmission ratio of gearbox. Among them, the advantage of using inverter is to provide closed-loop control, but it is easy to cause torque loss under large load. Changing the transmission ratio is a very economical way, of course, it can only provide uncontrollable single speed.

According to the specific situation, the advantages of all the above design types must be the ideal choice, but it is not possible. Therefore, it requires users to first understand that there are so many different design types in dry pump design, and then understand the impact of various types of pump design on them according to their own process characteristics. Such a choice can reduce the use cost to the greatest extent and obtain a stable vacuum system with a long life.

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