vacuum pump for steam sterilization machine

Steam sterilizer is widely used in pharmaceutical enterprises and medical units for sterilization of large infusion and oral liquid. It has advanced functions such as high temperature sterilization and rapid cooling. Reasonable structure and complete functions are ideal sterilization equipment for sterilization of large infusion preparation industry and oral liquid. It can be used to detect temperature control points in the cabinet at any time. The design of the machine is reasonable, the operation is stable and reliable, and it completely meets the GMP requirements.

Steam sterilization has been used for more than a century for the sterilization of heat and humidity resistant articles. Steam is the gaseous form of water; therefore, it is nontoxic, easy to produce and relatively easy to control. A good understanding of the basic principles and cycle of steam sterilization can avoid some errors, which may lead to non sterile loading, low equipment performance, personnel injury, low output, high operation and maintenance costs, and damage to the loaded items. Steam sterilization is widely used in pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Sterilization method of steam sterilizer:

Pre vacuum pressure sterilization method: the whole process of pre vacuum pressure steam sterilization is about 25 minutes.

1. Put the articles to be sterilized into the sterilization cabinet and close the cabinet door;

2. Put the steam into the interlayer and preheat it for 4 minutes at a pressure of 107.8kpa;

3. Start the vacuum pump and pump out the air in the cabinet to make the pressure reach 2.0-2.7kpa;

4. Stop air extraction and input saturated steam into the cabinet room, so that the pressure in the cabinet room reaches 205.8kpa, the temperature reaches 132 ℃, and the sterilization time is 4 minutes;

5. Stop inputting steam and vacuumize again to make the pressure reach 8.0kpa, so as to dry the sterilized articles rapidly;

6. Through the filtered clean and dry air, the pressure of the sterilization room is restored to zero, and the temperature is reduced to below 60 ℃, and then the door can be opened to take out the articles.

Steam sterilization

No organism can survive directly exposed to saturated steam at 250 f (120 C) for more than 15 minutes. Heat kills microbes, but it speeds up the process by adding water vapor in the form of steam. The pressure must be increased to increase the steam temperature for sterilization.

The steam must penetrate each fiber and reach each surface of the article to be sterilized. When steam enters the sterilization chamber under pressure, it will condense when it contacts with cold articles. This releases heat while heating and wetting all items in the load, providing two necessary conditions: moisture and heat.

The steps of vacuum pump for steam sterilization are as follows:

1. Pretreatment – use vacuum pump to empty all air and replace with steam

2. Sterilization – heating the goods by introducing steam and condensing it on all surfaces, heating and humidifying the spores

3. Post treatment – this process is completed in the third stage, in which the steam is evacuated by applying a deep vacuum. This is often referred to as the drying phase, because in the process the condensate boils and is taken away by a vacuum pump.


vacuum pump for steam sterilization machine

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