vacuum pump for autoclaves

Modern disinfection and sterilization equipment varies from kitchen disinfection cabinets in ordinary people’s homes to specialized high-pressure sterilizer equipment in professional research institutes. Various high-pressure sterilizer equipments adopt various sterilization methods and principles to meet the requirements of different occasions and for disinfection and sterilization.

In a variety of high-pressure sterilizer equipment, the common use of vacuum applications to help disinfect and sterilize equipment, such as “pulsating vacuum sterilizer” and “plasma sterilizer”. These two sterilizing equipments have their own characteristics and limitations. Pulsating vacuum sterilization uses high pressure steam and vacuum to kill bacteria and microorganisms effectively. However, hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization is often used for some heat-sensitive, humidity-resistant and high temperature-resistant equipments. So what kind of vacuum pump should be selected for autoclaves?

vacuum pump for autoclaves main contents:

1. Sterilization process of hydrogen peroxide: process pressure (vacuum pressure gauge), tank level pressure (gauge pressure sensor);

2. Choose the right pressure sensor: pressure range, accuracy, long-term stability, pressure joint, electrical output, media compatibility, over-voltage, installation direction, mechanism certification.

Throughout the history of sterilization technology, we can easily find two important elements of modern sterilization: steam and vacuum.

High-pressure steam is still the most efficient sterilization method at present, and vacuum can help steam penetrate the disinfected articles better, so that the effect and speed of sterilization and disinfection are greatly improved!


Vacuum pump applications:

The vacuum application of the whole pulsating sterilization cabinet in the operation process is mainly divided into two parts:

The first part is the pulsating pre-vacuum process. The vacuum pump will extract the air in the sterilization chamber several times before sterilization, then fill the vapor and repeat the process many times. Generally, it needs to exhaust 3-6 times before sterilization, so that the vacuum in the chamber can reach -0.08-0.09 Mpa.

The second part is the vacuum dehumidification drying process, which is to remove the high-temperature steam in the sterilization room after the completion of high-pressure steam sterilization to ensure that the sterilized articles are dry and clean.

According to the actual size of the chamber of various pulsating vacuum sterilization cabinets, vacuum pumps can be used. Because a large amount of high-pressure water vapor is filled in the chamber during the whole sterilization process, a set of cold and hot separation device is needed to separate water vapor before the gas in the sterilization chamber is pumped to the vacuum pump. Return to the steam generator.

Vacuum application of hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer is mainly used in pre-vacuum stage before sterilization and repeated vacuuming application to help hydrogen peroxide vacuum sublimation during sterilization. The required vacuum limit is usually 0.5mbar. It can be matched with vacuum pump.

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