Screw vacuum pump for vacuum drying of paper tray

Vacuum drying equipment for paper holder:

Support factory dry paper support, due to paper products, wood pulp products of poor thermal conductivity, and surface moisture cannot be removed too quickly, will produce difficult to control the stress. So choose shenzhen hengcai atlas screw vacuum dryer to vacuum the paper holder, the use of vacuum drying principle successfully applied, ensure the quality of paper products, make it not cracking, not deformation.

Screw vacuum pump used in vacuum drying of paper holder

Screw vacuum pump for vacuum drying of paper tray

Professional screw vacuum pump

If you have ever used a screw vacuum pump, you know that there are a lot of things to pay attention to when using it. How much do you know about how to adjust the amount of oil when using it? The following professional screw vacuum pump hengze vacuum equipment company for you to introduce in detail: screw vacuum pump through the appropriate backward starting point and early end point to meet the requirements of reducing the amount of fuel injection, so it can control the whole combustion process, no matter in low, high load are carried out near the stop point. This method is suitable for Marine diesel engine with high supercharging and variable speed and load. When the screw vacuum pump works, the oil supply start time remains the same, while the oil supply end time is changed due to the change of the plunger bevel to the oil return hole position of the plunger sleeve. As the plunger rotates at different angles, the effective travel of the plunger varies, and so does the amount of oil supplied. The greater the Angle of rotation of the plunger for the non-oil supply level, the greater the distance from the upper end of the plunger to the hypotenuse of the oil hole opening the plug sleeve, and the greater the oil supply. If the Angle of rotation of the plunger is smaller, the oil supply starts earlier and the oil supply is smaller. When the diesel engine stops, the oil must be cut off. For this purpose, the longitudinal groove on the plunger can be transferred to the oil return hole facing the plunger sleeve.

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