Stainless steel vacuum pump

Product details
Stainless steel vacuum pump is a new type of single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump with satisfactory structure. It can be obligated under any inlet pressure.
At present, this kind of pump has been widely used in vacuum packaging of all kinds of food, vacuum suction moulding of rubber and plastics industry, paper transportation of printing industry, vacuum impregnation and leak prevention of all kinds of castings, vacuum fixture, vacuum drying, vacuum filtration, vacuum dynamic test and vacuum suction of hospital operating room, etc.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Pump of Working Principle

Vacuum pumps and compressors are used to suck or press gases and other non-corrosive, water-insoluble gases that do not contain solid particles in order to create vacuum or pressure in sealed containers to meet process requirements.

Stainless steel vacuum pump

Stainless steel vacuum pump of  purpose

It is widely used in machinery, petroleum, foundry, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics, sugar making, printing and dyeing, metallurgy and electronics industries.
The application ability of stainless steel vacuum pump fully reflects the overall superiority of its product characteristics. In the process of improving its overall application ability, the different material for different production environments enlarges the service life of the equipment. For some enterprises with strong corrosiveness, the influence of the equipment in the production process is also greater. Vacuum Pump development should be based on the effect of practical application, enhance the performance of the overall strength of the product, and further expand its overall strength.
In order to meet the requirements of productivity, in the process of enhancing the production efficiency of products, the application advantages of this material and equipment, the promotion of higher corrosion performance and overall application, further expanding the advantage level of product development, enhancing the long-term application of equipment in user production, and fully reflecting the continuous development of products with the advantage strength of various aspects of development. Advantages.
Stainless steel vacuum pump is suitable for continuous operation, for forming vacuum, for extracting dry and wet gas, mainly non-flammable, non-corrosive atmosphere and atmosphere/steam mixture.
Vacuum pumps suitable for flammable, explosive and toxic media can be provided according to customer requirements. In this case, users should take appropriate safety measures. Working fluid is usually water. Stainless steel vacuum pump is suitable for more stringent anti-corrosion and sanitation requirements. Vacuum pumps are used in the rough vacuum range; the limit vacuum is determined by the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid.

Gas or steam pumped by stainless steel vacuum pump

The extracted gas or gas/steam mixture is not allowed to contain solid particles, but a small amount of suspended solids or liquids is allowed.
When extracting hot gas or steam above 80 C, it is recommended to use working fluid (or pre-condenser) twice the standard flow rate.
Instructions for ordering stainless steel vacuum pumps:
1. Please provide the following detailed data:
(1) Product name and model of stainless steel vacuum pump;
(2) Vacuum requirement unit PA or MPA;
(3) Pumping speed requires unit L/S or M3/MIN;
(4) Conditions of use and performance;
(5) Motor power (KW);
(6) Speed (r/min)
(7) Voltage (V)
(8) Import and export caliber
(9) Whether to bring accessories, so that we can choose the right type for you.
2. If the design unit has selected the product model of our stainless steel vacuum pump, please order directly from the Sales Department of the company according to the model of the stainless steel vacuum pump.
3. When the occasion of use is very important or the environment is complex, please provide design drawings and detailed parameters as far as possible. Our technical experts will confirm the type selection for you.
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