Vacuum pump for oxygen generator

Today I would like to introduce the oxygen production equipment and the vacuum pump used in the oxygen production equipment:

Oxygen generating equipment

With air as raw material and low operating pressure, psa oxygen production equipment is suitable for large amount of oxygen supply. It USES a blower to supply air to the adsorption tower, where nitrogen adsorption is carried out to produce oxygen, and a vacuum pump is used to regenerate the oxygen molecular sieve after denitrification, so as to obtain lower energy consumption and a large number of oxygen sources.

Technical features

• low energy consumption and low operating cost.

• oxygen purity can be adjusted easily, from 25% to 95%.

• high degree of automation and fast gas production. Oxygen can be produced within 10 to 30 minutes after startup.

• small structure, small area, low requirements for civil engineering;

• special air flow distribution and compression, to avoid the impact of air flow reciprocating on the molecular sieve, can be used to extend the service life;

• fully automatic control system, which can realize remote monitoring and shutdown;

• suitable for medium and large capacity.

Problems in the use of vacuum pumps in oxygen production equipment:

Vacuum pump noise control

1. Noise source analysis of vacuum pump

The vacuum pump noise includes the mechanical noise during operation, the airborne noise of vacuum pump exhaust, the vibration noise of vacuum pump pipeline, etc. The main noise type is the low and medium frequency noise. The noise should be controlled from the sound absorption, sound insulation and vibration reduction.

Two, vacuum pump noise control measures

1. If there is a machine room, the machine room should be decorated with sound insulation. Soundproof materials and anti-vibration materials should be used on the indoor walls and floors, soundproof doors and Windows should be used, and mufflers should be used on the machine room vents to greatly reduce the external transmission of vacuum pump noise

2. For the vacuum pump vibration and noise is a big problem, vibration damping pad can be used on the floor of the machine room, or vibration damping device can be used below the pump body. Elastic support frame is used to connect the pipe of the pump body, and damping vibration damping material is used to wrap it up to reduce the vibration and noise of the whole equipment.

3. The exhaust noise of the vacuum pump is mainly processed by the muffler. According to the noise frequency determined on the spot, the design and production of the appropriate muffler are designed and made, and the vacuum pump muffler is generally a composite muffler with the advantage of wide noise reduction frequency

4. The damping materials for vacuum pump room outside the pipe used for dress, such as glass wool and glass cloth bandage, further reduce the pipe vibration noise.

The noise control of vacuum pump is integrated by means of sound absorption, sound isolation and vibration reduction to reduce the influence of vacuum pump noise on the surrounding area.

Vacuum pump for oxygen generator

Vacuum pump for oxygen generator

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