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We need to consider many factors when purchasing vacuum pumps, such as: how to choose the supplier of vacuum pumps, the type of vacuum pumps and other factors, how to help us select high-quality products suitable for ourselves, which is a topic of concern to users. For this reason, Sudan vacuum pump supplier is introduced to you. I’d like to introduce you to this field.

Vacuum pump is a kind of equipment or equipment which can obtain vacuum by mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemical methods. Following the development of vacuum applications, many varieties have been developed, and their pumping speed has increased from a few minutes per second to hundreds of thousands or millions of liters per second. According to the working principle of vacuum pump, it can be divided into two types, namely, gas transmission pump and gas trapping pump. With the application of vacuum technology in the field of production and scientific research, there is a wider demand for its application pressure scale. Most of them need several vacuum pumps to form a vacuum pumping system to suction together before satisfying the demand of production and scientific research process. Because the vacuum application part touches on a wide scale of operating pressure, so it is necessary to meet the demand of production and scientific research process. Any type of vacuum pump can not be completely applicable to all the operating pressure scale, only according to different operating pressure scale and different operating requirements, the use of different types of vacuum pumps. In order to use conveniently and meet the needs of various vacuum technology processes, various vacuum pumps are sometimes combined according to their functional requirements for unit type application.


When we select vacuum pumps, the first thing we need to do is to select the type of vacuum pumps according to the actual situation. It’s very difficult for new people to know how to start. The following Sudan vacuum pump supplier will give you a specific explanation:

The two most important elements of vacuum pump are:

1.Flow: It determines the size of commodities. The higher the demand for flow, the larger the volume of commodities, the higher the power of motors to be used.

2. Vacuum: It decides the layout of commodities. Vacuum has two kinds of readings: gauge pressure and affirmative pressure.

The type of vacuum pump is mainly determined by the air volume, vacuum degree or exhaust pressure required for operation. In the operation of vacuum pumps, attention should be paid to the following two aspects: as far as possible, in the high efficiency area, that is, in the critical vacuum or critical exhaust pressure area. It should be prevented from operating near the maximum vacuum or exhaust pressure. Operating in this area, not only the power is very low, but also the operation is very unstable, easy to oscillate and noise. As for vacuum pumps with high vacuum, cavitation often occurs when they operate in this area. The obvious symbols of cavitation are noise and oscillation in the pump. Cavitation can cause damage to pump body, impeller and other parts, which makes the pump unable to operate.

According to the above criteria, when the vacuum or gas pressure required by the vacuum pump is not high, it can be preferentially selected in the single-stage pump.

As a supplier of vacuum pumps in Sudan, EVP vacuum pump producers have been providing high-quality brand vacuum equipment products and timely after-sales service to Sudanese customers for many years.

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