Vacuum pump unit odor recovery

How to do odor recovery of vacuum pump unit

For the frequent use of vacuum source and less pumping volume, the vacuum station system can save energy, effectively prolong the service life of vacuum pump unit, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Sometimes, for some reasons, it is necessary to recycle the odor of the vacuum pump unit. The following points should be paid attention to when doing odor recovery:

Vacuum pump unit odor recovery

1. The refrigeration system of outgassing products should be calculated well, and whether the gas recovery will have a great impact on the operation of the vacuum pump unit.

2. The air inlet can be considered without refrigeration system treatment.

3. The pressure of the air outlet of the pump is not big, and the exhaust can be smoothly separated.

4. Water ring vacuum pump unit can be considered in pump selection. Roots water ring vacuum pump unit can be considered if vacuum degree is high.

5. It is not necessary to operate the vacuum pump in a fully enclosed environment.

6. Other systems can be considered to recover gas and neutralize gas.

7. The pump should be selected as large as possible.

Therefore, when recycling the odor of the vacuum pump unit, you can refer to the above precautions, do a good job of preventive measures, and deal with problems in time, so that the equipment will be used for a longer time, and the working efficiency will be improved.

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