Roots vacuum pump is used in vacuum distillation

In order to solve the problems existing in the distillation project of roots vacuum pump, the technology and equipment are used to solve the problems. After analysis and research, our company believes that we should consider this factor to improve the vacuum degree. Theoretically speaking, the increase of temperature will speed up the resinification of materials, and the length of material stay will increase the amount of resin, and improving the vacuum degree in the pot is the best way to solve these two problems.

Firstly, the boiling point of the material can be reduced by increasing the vacuum degree, which is to reduce the bubble point temperature in the distillation operation.

Secondly, increasing the vacuum degree can increase the driving force of the distillation and accelerate the evaporation rate of the material.

In the process of distillation, the vacuum equipment used in the past is a normal reciprocating vacuum pump, whose performance parameters are 150L/S, the ultimate vacuum is 2600pa, and the motor power is 15kw. The current method is to use the high vacuum ZJ roots vacuum pump and reciprocating vacuum pump in series, the vacuum degree and the extraction rate will be improved greatly.


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