Turbo molecular pump station

Suitable for all high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum applications. The customer can choose dry pump or oil pump as the front pump according to the actual needs (the maximum pumping speed of the front pump can reach 685l / s).

Turbo molecular pump station

Turbine molecular pump station of advantages:

1. Perfect combination of turbo molecular pump and pre pump; suitable for various application requirements
2. Modular design principle can easily meet customers’ multiple application needs
3. The parts are easy to cooperate and maintain
4. Integrated drive system without additional control system
5. “Plug and play” – no cabling and installation required
6. Strong structure, long service life and high reliability
7. In case of unexpected power failure, the front vacuum safety valve (optional) can protect the vacuum chamber from the backflow
8. It can be directly connected to the vacuum gauge

Turbo molecular pump station application fields:
1. R & D
2. Accelerator
3. Analysis and surface physics
4. Vacuum process
5. Electron beam welding
6. Leak detection system
The mobile vacuum pump set up a new standard in the industry: the latest series of turbomolecular pump and the optional pre-stage pump series according to the application requirements of customers. The vacuum pump group can choose dry pump or rotary vane pump as the front pump, and the limit vacuum degree can reach 5 * 10-10 mbar.

Turbomolecular pump of process adaptability

It is important to ensure that the turbomolecular pump is suitable for the process. The pump manufacturer’s detailed recommendations and accurate information about the process and its characteristics are necessary for the operator.
When the oxygen concentration in the pump is higher than that in the atmosphere, it is necessary to ensure that the mineral oil will not be oxidized by oxygen, thus losing its lubrication performance. It is considered that this can be avoided by using nitrogen as sealing gas and / or PFPE oil.
For processes that tend to form deposits, such as CVD CVD chemical vapor deposition, the coating process will continue on the rotor and the shell parts facing the treatment chamber.
If possible, the turbine molecular pump should be installed upside down. Due to the influence of gravity, these dust will fall naturally and is not easy to deposit in the pump. It is recommended to install a baffle to prevent dust from falling directly on the running pump.
If the overhead installation cannot be realized, it can be installed on the side of the T-frame at a 90 degree angle. The front port should be facing down.

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