Hospital ultrasonic water ring vacuum pump

Hospital ultrasonic and water ring vacuum pumps become your first choice

The new water ring vacuum pump, the patented product of EVP Vacuum Pump Company, has become a star product in the medical industry. Not only the efficiency is greatly improved, but also the EVP water ring vacuum pump can be easily installed. Because of this brand-new product, major medical companies and hospitals have found EVP, and they all use the brand-new water ring vacuum pump.

Are you still worried about the quality of the water ring vacuum pump newly developed by EVP? Don’t worry, our EVP company has more than 20 years of experience in the development of water ring vacuum pumps, and has a group of experienced engineers and R&D personnel. And many medical customers from all over the country can also certify the quality of EVP’s new products to ensure that there is no problem. Moreover, EVP also welcomes you to come to the factory for on-site inspections, which will dispel all your doubts.

Hospital ultrasonic water ring vacuum pump

The following is an introduction to everyone: the reasons for the rust of the water ring vacuum pump and the method of rust removal.

Water ring vacuum pump the rust of the  for reasons

Current water ring vacuum pumps are generally made of cast iron, which will rust due to wear or corrosion after long-term use. Many people don’t care about this situation, but if it rusts for a long time, it will affect the life of the pump. In fact, the rust of the vacuum pump mainly includes the following reasons.

1. If the water ring vacuum pump is used for a long time, the surface coating will fall off after aging, which will also cause the equipment to rust. When encountering acid solution or alkali solution, a chemical reaction will occur to produce iron dioxide.

2. Frequent rain will cause the air to be humid and rusty. Once it rains, rust will be affected by the environment and flow to all surfaces, producing traces of rust, which will cause large areas of deterioration over time.

3. During the installation process, due to the carelessness of the construction personnel, the anti-rust coating of the water ring vacuum pump is damaged, and the place where the protection is lost will be corroded by water vapor or acid-base solvents. In severe cases, rust will infiltrate and affect the use of the equipment.

4. The PH value of human sweat is 5~6, and the water ring vacuum pump will also rust. Therefore, to avoid direct contact with your hands, please wear gloves or wipe the sweat with a towel.

These are the main reasons for the rust of the water ring vacuum pump. Therefore, many types of vacuum pumps are now made of stainless steel, which greatly reduces the possibility of rust. In the future, if rust is found during use, it will be cleaned up in time to extend the service life of the vacuum pump.

The rust removal methods for water ring vacuum pumps?

The water ring vacuum pump is a vacuum pump used to pump down the methane gas. The vacuum pump has high suction pressure and low flow rate, and is suitable for mines with small suction volume and high suction pressure. Water ring vacuum pumps are safe, and generally mines require higher suction pressure, so they are widely used. Water ring vacuum pumps were first used as self-priming water pumps, and then gradually used in many industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, machinery, mining, light industry and food. Whether it is unpolluted water naturally gushing from deep underground, or disinfected water, it will contain a certain amount of mineral salts, trace elements or carbon dioxide gas, etc., so it is prone to growth when used in many equipment for a long time. The rust phenomenon has caused great damage to the performance of the equipment, so the rust removal work is imperative. Let me introduce to you the rust removal method of the water ring vacuum pump.

1. Manual rust removal
This measure is relatively cost-saving and insurance. For manual rust removal, we can remove the rust on the water ring vacuum pump with the tools we have on hand. Our artificial rust removal does not need to use other chemical products to remove rust, so we save some costs.

Second, use rust remover to remove rust
This method is very clean for rust removal but easily damages the pump cavity of the water ring vacuum pump.

The above is the rust removal method of the water ring vacuum pump. The rust removal tool and the rust remover are mainly used to remove the rust. The tool may have a better rust removal effect because it will not damage the pump cavity of the equipment. Be sure to remember to maintain it regularly to extend the service life. If you have any questions, remember to contact us.

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