Vacuum pump system in power transformer

It is an important application of vacuum pump to dry the power transformer with vacuum unit.

Transformer vacuum pump (Group) is used in transformer vacuum pumping, vacuum smelting, welding, drying, chemical pharmacy, power vacuum devices and other industries as vacuum pumping. The working pressure of the unit is 133pa-5pa, and the limit vacuum that can be reached is 5pa. It has the characteristics of quick start, high pumping speed, stable performance and simple operation. It is especially convenient for transformer or power equipment vacuum pumping, vacuum oiling, vacuum drying, etc. The unit can be equipped with imported vacuum pump or imported roots pump as required. This unit adopts roots pump as the main pump and rotary vane vacuum pump as the front pump. A vacuum gauge can be installed at the air inlet of the unit, so as to accurately observe and control the vacuum degree of the pumped container.


The process of vacuum drying is to place the dried materials in a closed drying chamber, and vacuum the dried materials with a vacuum unit, so that the water inside the materials can diffuse to the surface through the pressure difference or concentration difference, and the water molecules can obtain enough kinetic energy on the surface of the materials. After overcoming the mutual attraction between the molecules, they escape to the low-pressure space of the vacuum chamber, so as to be true The process of pumping.

The insulating treatment process that the parts or the whole inner stator after assembly and winding wiring are impregnated with insulating paint in vacuum state to become a whole. Vacuum drying of power transformer, vacuum oiling of transformer, production of crdt, transformer, reactor and insulator of high voltage switch can also be used for vacuum casting of power and electronic components requiring epoxy resin encapsulation. Therefore, these processes need the assistance of vacuum unit.

In the whole process of using the vacuum pump system, it is necessary to ensure that the water circuit and gas circuit are complete and unobstructed. The operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the startup and shutdown procedures of the vacuum unit.

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