water ring vacuum pump is used for reclaiming farmland from water

Water ring vacuum pump in reclamation project of advantages and disadvantages

In recent years, there are more and more reclamation projects from the sea, most of which adopt the method of digging mountains to reclaim the sea, which will have the following disadvantages:

water ring vacuum pump is used for reclaiming farmland from water

I.Destruction of the ecological environment
II.Two, the place is not strong, for high-rise construction is not firm, high construction cost
III.Third, offshore sewage should be treated for the second time, which is time-consuming and costly

While EVP company has developed the water-ring vacuum system and the method of delamination drying of offshore sludge. The advantages are as follows:
I.First, make good use of offshore sludge, and turn it into treasure
II.Second, after filling, the foundation is strong and the construction cost is reduced
III.Third, maintain the ecological environment and bring benefits to the country and the people


Common faults in the use of water ring vacuum pump?

As the service life of water ring vacuum pump becomes longer, some faults may occur, but customers only need to understand the causes of these faults and troubleshooting methods can easily solve these problems.

water ring vacuum pump

1. The startup sound is abnormal

Water ring vacuum pump in a long time after the use of the startup sound will appear abnormal fault, encountered such a fault should first check the power supply voltage and wire connection is normal, if no abnormal can be found vacuum pump cover to remove impurities operation. If it is found that there is rust, it is also necessary to add rust remover. In addition, if the working liquid is excessive at the sewage outlet, it will also cause abnormal starting sound. You can discharge the working liquid appropriately to try to repair it.

2. The temperature of the water pump is too high

If the temperature of the water ring vacuum pump is too high, it should be treated according to the actual situation. If the temperature is too high because the inlet temperature of the working liquid is too high or the supply of the working liquid is too small, the temperature of the working liquid needs to be reduced or the supply of the working liquid needs to be increased. In addition, the suction temperature is too high will also cause the water ring vacuum pump temperature is too high, can be used in the vacuum pump inlet condensing condensible gas method to solve.

3. The motor temperature is overheated

Water ring vacuum pump when the motor temperature is overheating, it is necessary to check the motor phase loss, exhaust pipe, impeller and other components. In addition, insufficient water supply will also lead to excessive overload temperature of the motor, and the water supply should be restored to the normal range.

Generally speaking, the possibility of failure of efficient and professional water ring vacuum pump is extremely low. In the normal working process, the operator should pay more attention to the working condition of the pump. When the pump does not work for a long time, the maintenance work needs to be done well. If the above fault phenomenon can be according to the above method for debugging and maintenance if the fault can not be solved should be the first time to contact the water ring vacuum pump manufacturer.

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