Helium mass spectrometer leak detector

The helium mass spectrometer is composed of an ion source, a analyzer, a collector, a cold cathode ionization gauge, a gas extraction system and an electrical part.

Helium mass spectrometer leak detector

Helium mass spectrometer eight leak detection techniques

Helium mass spectrometer leak detector is applied field is very broad, mainly auto parts industry, electronics, semiconductor industry, military industry, aerospace, nuclear industry, air-conditioning refrigeration industry, household appliances, precision parts and valve industry, new energy, medicine and medical equipment industry, vacuum and packaging industry, instrument industry, power industry and other industries. Therefore, leak detection technology has become an indispensable part of product manufacturing and its use. High quality leak detector can not only effectively improve product quality and production safety, but also effectively reduce the time and cost required for product maintenance and troubleshooting. How can helium mass spectrometry leak detector be more efficient in the process of leak detection? What should be paid attention to? Below small make up to give you a detailed introduction.

1. The specimen must be evacuated before filling it with gas for leak detection

In order to correctly test the leakage, it is absolutely necessary to pre-pump the specimen before filling it with leakage gas, especially for the specimen with long and narrow geometry. If the air in the specimen is not evacuated before filling, it will be squeezed to the end of the geometric space, and the leakage gas cannot enter this part, so the potential leakage hole will only release air, and the leak detector cannot detect these holes.

2. Do not use water tank to test leakage before gas leak detection test

Leakage gas leak testing is usually very small or narrow capillary, if before the gas leak detection test puts leak hole in the sink, the leakage hole or capillary will be blocked or full of water, and stuck in the hole leakage water because of surface tension, will be very difficult to expel from the small hole, which greatly affect the leak detection result. The solution to this problem is to remove the water only through a long drying process.

3. Do not discharge empty or overflow gas into the leakage test zone

Try leakage of minimum background concentrations of the gas leakage rate and leak detection has been a great relationship, despite the changes in the concentrations of the gas leak detector to detect leak detection only high background concentration also tends to appear high absolute volatility. If the detected gas is discharged into the test zone after the test, the background concentration will continue to increase throughout the working day. In addition, make sure there is no gas leakage during filling or discharge, and check the connector regularly for leakage.

4. Check for large leakage before filling and detecting gas leakage

The presence of a large leak should be quickly tested before filling the leak detection gas. Otherwise, the leak detection gas from the large leak will contaminate the leak test area. The simple leakage measurement method of large leakage hole is to extract the specimen and observe whether the pressure is maintained within a short period of time. If the specimen can maintain the pressure, it indicates that there is no large leakage hole and can be filled with gas to detect leakage.

5. Adequate ventilation shall be provided for the leakage test area

The leak detection gas, helium, if released, would balloon up to the top of the chamber and gradually fill the test zone. Even if all connections are completely sealed, it is inevitable that a small amount of leakage gas will be released during connection or disassembly. Therefore, it is very important to provide adequate ventilation for the leakage test area. Since the helium tends to move upward, it is recommended to send fresh air from the bottom and exhaust gas from the top to the outside.

6. Ensure that the direction of leakage test is the same as the direction of pressure in use

Many seals have a preferred mounting direction and seal only in this direction. For example, radial shaft seals, which seal only in one direction, will leak in the opposite direction. Similarly, there are many seals that have similar conditions. If the test leakage direction is the same as the pressure received in use, it will be easy to find the actual leakage hole without the interference of false alarm.

7. The leakage pressure is the same as the maximum pressure during operation

Many seals leak at certain pressure thresholds. If the leakage is not tested under the maximum pressure during operation, some leakage holes are not suitable for detection. Therefore, the higher test pressure can be used to detect the leakage hole that does not appear in the actual operation.

8. Avoid the influence of draught on the suction gun in the leakage test area

Usually in a production environment, due to the difference in temperature between different areas, fan or other form air flow factors caused by the air flow, and for any air flow leak detection ability have certain negative effect, because the gas will be tested draught blowing away from the suction gun agent pointed opening to achieve good results, try the ill effects of leakage area should be block the wind.

As long as the use of the above eight leak detection techniques, according to the correct leak detection method, the product leak detection results will be more accurate, more safe. So in the detection of industrial products, the use of helium mass spectrometer leak detection, is your ideal choice!

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