Industrial vacuum pump selection

Industrial Vacuum Pumps Types

Let’s look at the most common industrial pumps. They have different characteristics that make them suitable for specific applications.
They all work under the principle of positive displacement. Think about how the syringe sucks blood. By increasing the volume of the cavity (pulling the plunger), a part of the vacuum is generated.

Rotary vane

Industrial vacuum pump selection

Rotary vane vacuum pump is ideal for paper and printing applications
Based on the simple principle that centrifugal force acts on radial movable blades to install rotors eccentrically, this experimented and tested technology has been affected by a series of design innovations to improve performance and reduce total operating costs. Demand for electricity at the same capacity flow is now down by about 15% compared with previous generations. Generally speaking, the latest units are more compact, with vibration levels of 3 to 5 decibels (A) higher than their predecessors. They can also work at lower temperatures to protect oil consistency, extend service life and maintain intervals.
The reliability of these ubiquitous machines is due to their foundation, solid structure and good oil under all operating pressures. In the latest design, the pump includes an internal injection channel. This reduces the number of gaskets and the number of external pipes required. In some cases, the number of parts has been reduced by up to 20%, further reducing the risk of leakage and subsequent failure.
The ultimate pressure of rotary vane vacuum pump is 0.1-0.5 mbar, which is suitable for applications requiring higher requirements such as packaging, woodworking, plastics, paper printing and material handling.

Liquid ring

then you need a liquid ring vacuum pump

If you need a lot of vacuum, then you need a liquid ring vacuum pump.
Liquid ring vacuum is considered to be the best technology for handling extreme steam load and pumping wet or dry gases. Especially in distillation, drying and evaporator condensable processes, liquid ring vacuum has a high tolerance to liquid condensation. The efficiency of single stage pump over 200 mbar is very good. It is suitable for general process applications, such as filtration and dehydration, pump drop or evacuation.
The liquid ring pump is equipped with a fixed impeller whose eccentricity is located in the cylindrical shell. When the impeller rotates, the liquid (usually water) is thrown out by centrifugal force, forming a liquid ring around the shell. This encloses the top of the impeller and creates a separate enclosed air chamber between each blade. Generally speaking, the capacity ranges from 170 to 37500 m_/ H.

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