Water ring pump

2BV water ring vacuum pump development reflects the industry advantages

The continuous development of the 2 bv water ring vacuum pump, based on the use of the product features, etc., many production enterprise combining with the actual situation of company, to develop the products with high cost performance for the advantages, actively to development and production of products, targeted improve product performance of the overall strength, with perfect production attitude, in order to improve the ability of practical application of products, constantly promote the development of the power, to explore the practical application of product form to promote the rationalization of production, in order to reflect the enterprise development goals.

To develop 2 bv water ring vacuum pump, it should be according to the practical performance of products, to expand its use effect, according to the design requirements of the unit, promote the overall development of the product, with high product form to expand their development advantages, enhance various aspects the deepening of the application ability, only the strict production management mode, can guarantee the quality of product, can increase the power of enterprise development, so as to expand the advantage of the ability to apply unit.

In the whole vacuum industry, the status of 2BV water ring vacuum pump is also gradually improved. From its superior practicability, it can hold the ability to produce products. In the process of enhancing the effective improvement of product application development ability, it is necessary to further promote the development of its performance and expand the application value of products.

Water ring pump
2BV water ring vacuum pump of what are the advantages

1, 2BV water ring vacuum pump casting using precision casting, casting surface without scraping putty, direct paint.

2. Each pump was tested for pressurization and pressure maintenance before assembly, and the defective casting was directly wasted. Ensure the quality of the equipment.

3, 2BV water ring vacuum pump using mechanical seal is John crane tetrafluoron mechanical seal, hanklan tetrafluoron mechanical seal is the industry’s best mechanical seal, stability is greatly enhanced, to a certain extent to ensure the stability of the equipment. Other materials of the pump can also be required to use the John crane mechanical seal.

4. The bearing is imported NSK or SKF

5. For customers in the corrosion industry, imported sealing ring is used between pump body and pump cover to ensure the sealing effect. Most manufacturers use rubber for sealing.

6. When our company installs the mechanical seal, special tooling is used to assemble the mechanical seal, ensuring even force on the sealing surface of the moving ring and the static ring of the mechanical seal and extending the service life of the seal.

7. Special tooling is also used for impeller assembly to ensure the clearance between impeller, disc and pump body and improve product quality and performance.

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