Three blade roots blower of precision bearing

Bearing as a vulnerable part, general enterprises do not want to improve its accuracy, so that the product cost increases, which often outweighs the gain. Because the low precision bearing produces large vibration and friction, and as the assembly benchmark of the whole machine, it has a vital impact on the performance of the whole machine and the life of other parts. The bearing accuracy of foreign fans is generally equivalent to the C-class standard in China.

Three blade roots blower of precision bearing

Three leaf roots blower of gear accuracy

Gear clearance, movement accuracy and tooth alignment accuracy directly determine the uniformity and stability of impeller meshing, and tooth surface roughness is one of the main sources of friction noise. Therefore, according to the requirements of national standards, the accuracy of gears should be guaranteed to be above grade 7. However, the gear processing and testing methods of general machining plants are often not strong, so that the accuracy can not meet the requirements. So gear processing is to cooperate with professional gear processing factory.

Three blade roots blower

The wind pressure of a three blade roots blower is not limited by the speed of the fan. No matter how the speed changes, the air pressure can remain unchanged. And the air volume is directly proportional to the fan speed, that is, q = kn, Q: represents the air volume, N: represents the fan speed, K: is the coefficient. According to the formula, the air volume regulation is completely controlled by the frequency converter to change the motor frequency to achieve stepless speed change, which has the effect of adjusting the air volume. According to the field application, the low frequency of the process fan is 15Hz, which is usually about 35Hz, and there are some moments when the full air volume is 50 Hz. Because the shaft kiln process is basically the same, the air volume regulation in different shaft kilns is basically the same. The application of frequency conversion technology in shaft kiln can achieve about 40% energy saving effect. A constant torque load of Roots blower, its power saving rate is directly proportional to the speed drop, that is, N%= Delta N%. Although it is more efficient than ordinary fans and pumps, its power is large, and it works 24 hours a long time and has a long starting time as long as the furnace wall is not bad.

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