Steam injector

Product overview:


Steam injector is a hydraulic jet series steam pump. It is a new type of equipment which USES water jet and steam jet to obtain vacuum. Centrifugal pump will be static water pressure increase, high-speed jet of water from the steam nozzle pressure, reduce the pressure of the nozzle exit, the formation of a vacuum, suction in the external gas (liquid) into, into the mixing tube, with hydraulic injector by diffusion tube.

Product features:

1. Simple structure, stable performance, low installation, safe operation and convenient maintenance.

2. Large amount of air extraction, fast and reliable vacuum, no requirement on electrolyte, can be applied to a variety of chemical solutions.

3. There is no relative moving parts inside the equipment, making the equipment durable and the transportation cost is low.

4, corrosion resistant performance is good, the flower board material with cast iron, cast iron liner poly vinyl chloride in fluorine plastic, tetrafluoroethylene and stainless iron manufacture, increased the pressure of steam ejector, acid, corrosion resistance, make it more applicable to various concentrations of acid, alkali and a variety of organic solvents and other corrosive medium.

Product use:

Steam ejector application is very extensive, it is mainly used for vacuum and evaporation system, vacuum pump, vacuum evaporation, vacuum filter, vacuum crystallization, drying, deodorization, such as technology, is the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, salt, monosodium glutamate, dairy, fermentation, as well as some light industrial equipment widely, defense department requirements.


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