Piston Vacuum Pump for sale

Piston vacuum pump is often used in large-scale vacuum equipment because of its structural characteristics and much larger capacity than rotary vane pump. There are two types of piston vacuum pump: single stage piston vacuum pump and double-stage piston vacuum pump. The limit pressure of single-stage piston vacuum pump is less than 0.6Pa for small pump, 1.3Pa for large pump and 0.06Pa for double-stage piston vacuum pump. At present, the maximum pumping speed of double-stage piston vacuum pump is 300 L/S. Piston vacuum pumps are widely used. Piston vacuum pumps for sale very well.

piston vacuum pump introduction:

1. To remove general gases or gases containing a small amount of condensable vapor (gas ballast device should be used).

2. It can be used alone or as the front pump of other vacuum pumps.

3. When extracting gases with excessive oxygen, explosive, corrosive to ferrous metals, chemical reaction to vacuum oil, water and dust, installations should be attached.

4. Before using the pump, all the dust on the pump must be removed completely. The pump room must be kept clean and clean frequently. The ambient temperature should be within the range of 5-40 degrees Celsius.

5. When working, the cooling water temperature in the pump jacket can be between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius. Pay attention to the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, so as not to produce scale in the jacket.

6. If the extracted gas is higher than 40 C, it should be cooled to room temperature.

7. When the pump is working, the maximum temperature should not exceed 85 C.

8. piston vacuum pump maintenance should pay attention to oil level and oil cleanliness. The new pump should change oil once after 150 hours, and then every 2-3 months. If the operating conditions are not good and the vacuum decreases, the oil change time can be shortened.

9. Pump oil should use mechanical vacuum pump oil, code 100.

Comparisons of the development process of three generation piston vacuum pump:

Piston Vacuum Pump for sale

First Generation piston vacuum pump:

piston vacuum pump main disadvantages: large area, compact structure, heavy weight, large volume, large matching power, large vibration, noise, thick oil layer on exhaust valve, large injection volume.

Piston Vacuum Pump for sale

Second generation piston vacuum pump:

piston vacuum pump main shortcomings: the motor is located on the top of the tank, the pump center of gravity is high, the vibration is large, the pump cover is not interchangeable, the seal between the pump cover and the pump body is very inconvenient to maintain, the oil layer on the exhaust valve is thick, the injection volume is large, and the vacuum oil is easy to emulsify.

Piston Vacuum Pump for sale

Third generation of piston vacuum pump(Piston vacuum pumps for sale best seller):

piston vacuum pump main advantages:

1. piston vacuum pump limit vacuum is high, which is comparable to the two-stage sliding valve vacuum pump.

2. Pump center of gravity is low and vibration is small.

3. Compact structure, light weight

4. The oil layer on the exhaust valve is thin and the fuel injection rate is high.

5. The O-ring seal is used between the pump body and the pump cover, which is easy to disassemble and assemble and has strong sealing ability.

6. The pump cover is interchangeable and versatile, and easy to maintain.

7. Great reduction in fuel consumption

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