Vacuum system in filter

Although the filter has been widely used in solid-liquid separation of mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, pharmaceutical, coal, food, environmental protection and other industries for its advantages of high vacuum degree, low vacuum loss, significant energy saving, high capacity, low moisture content of filter cake, high recovery rate, clear filtrate, no environmental pollution and full utilization of water resources. However, the filter using enterprises do not know the application of vacuum system in the filter, and choosing an inappropriate vacuum pump will have a serious impact. According to this actual situation, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will explain to you what impact it will have to choose an inappropriate vacuum pump and how we should choose it.

Filter is a kind of dehydration equipment, mainly composed of ceramic filter plate, roller system, mixing system, feed and discharge system, vacuum system, filtrate discharge system, scraping system, back washing system, joint cleaning (ultrasonic cleaning, automatic acid washing) system, full-automatic control system, tank body and rack.

If the improper vacuum equipment is selected and put into use, the operating efficiency of the vacuum pump system is often reduced due to the large operating load of the filter vacuum pump, the serious abrasion of the impeller and the shell, which results in the low operating vacuum of the filter, the normal operation and shutdown of the filter, affecting the operation of the whole production line, and the shutdown of the filter is often caused.


Therefore, we must reform the special vacuum system of the filter.

We know that the filter is composed of various systems. Each system has its own function. What is the function of vacuum system?

The vacuum pump system consists of a vacuum pump, a filtrate tank and related pipelines. The vacuum pump operates to form a vacuum in the filtrate tank. One end of the relevant pipeline is connected to the filtrate tank, and the other end is connected with the ceramic filter plate through the distribution head, so as to absorb the solids on the surface of the filter plate, and the filtrate is drawn into the filter tank.

Characteristics of vacuum system: the filter plate has micropores that produce capillary effect, so that the capillary force in micropores is greater than the force exerted by vacuum, and the micropores always remain full of liquid, so as to ensure that in any case, the filter plate does not have air to pass through and water can pass through, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation, and achieve a larger vacuum force with its smaller vacuum power. Therefore, the vacuum system is simple, the selected vacuum pump has a small exhaust volume, but the system has a high limit vacuum, and the normal vacuum pressure can reach – 0.095mpa.

The application of the vacuum system in the filter can achieve the following purposes: reduce the failure rate of the original filter vacuum pump system, improve the operation reliability of the equipment, at the same time, it can realize the operation mode of the same vacuum pump shared by multiple filters, save the cost of equipment investment and operation and maintenance, plus its smooth operation, wear-resistant and long service life. It is a filter using enterprise The best choice.

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