The actual medical situation of the dental vacuum pump unit

In order to ensure that dentists operate in a sterile environment, reduce the possibility of cross-infection, and keep the indoor air fresh, most dentists will install a complete set of medical dental vacuum units.

The actual medical situation of the dental vacuum pump unit

(1) Current status of dentistry

The reason for using medical dental vacuum units is that in the current dental environment in China, or even the dental environment in the world, this problem cannot be solved, because most dental facilities require high-speed rotation or It is a high-frequency vibration tool, so a lot of splashing materials will be produced during this process, so the formation of bacterial gas and dust in the air is easier, if the splashing object accidentally injures the medical staff or If it is a patient, it may affect health and cause cross-infection. Therefore, in this case, the medical use of dental vacuum negative pressure equipment is extremely important.

(2) Installation situation of medical dental vacuum negative pressure unit.

The current vacuum negative pressure unit has been used in many fields of medicine, especially the chemical field is also a relatively fine field, but this part of the experiment has been fully guaranteed, so there is no problem in the dental installation process. In addition, the price of the current installation is not particularly expensive, and its extensive medical rate has also caused a general decline in the price.

(3) What are the advantages of dental vacuum negative pressure technology?

In addition to the cleanliness of the indoor environment as just mentioned, it also has many advantages:

First of all, its easy to use and simple installation is one of its most important advantages. It can be used with confidence for small and small dentistry or some public hospitals.

Secondly, it is equipped with a gas-vibration valve inside, which can extract a small amount of water vapor,

The third point is that its high ultimate vacuum is more durable than other products.

Secondly, it is equipped with a forced oil inlet setting, which can ensure sufficient lubrication effect and make the performance more reliable.

Finally, even if it is equipped with forced oil injection, it will not leak or spray oil, and will not cause re-pollution of the working environment. It ensures the use of dentistry to the greatest extent and meets many requirements at the same time. , Can reduce the cost of purchase, and it is also very convenient to maintain.

Pay attention to the maintenance function:

1.Equipped with a water level monitor to effectively control the moisture in the gas-liquid separation tank.

2.Control device, vacuum pump motor current alarm, vacuum pressure control.

3.The front end of the air inlet of the vacuum pump is equipped with a stainless steel filter screen to filter impurities in the cutting process.

4.The vacuum pump of this system is equipped with one for use and one for standby, and the vacuum pump can be switched and operated at will.

5.The vacuum system is equipped with a gas storage tank and a vacuum pressure sensor. When the pressure of the vacuum tank reaches the requirement, the vacuum pump stops working. When the pressure of the vacuum tank is lower than the requirement, the vacuum pump automatically starts.

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