Corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pump corrosion resistance

The etching shape of liquid ring vacuum pump can be divided into two kinds: all-round (symmetrical) etching and partial etching. The two kinds of etching are more symmetrical in all the surface layers of water ring vacuum pump. The former only occurs in some parts, such as hole corrosion, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion, etc.

It is a feasible anti-corrosion countermeasure to select high polymer material to carry out organic chemical coating on the surface of water ring vacuum pump at present. It has excellent solvent resistance, excellent physical properties and adhesion properties. Compared with the traditional welding repair of pressure pipeline, it has the characteristics of simple construction, low cost, safety factor and good repair.

The vacuum pump will rust in the application process, so how to improve the corrosion resistance of the vacuum pump?

Mix the materials strictly according to the proportion, and mix evenly until there is no color deviation. Thoroughly eliminate the surface vulcanization layer and clean the surface with toluene. First, wipe that layer of material thin, to ensure that the bonding and thorough cover, and then wipe the material evenly to the repair surface, over the specified repair thickness only.

The above is about the corrosion resistance of the vacuum pump. I hope it can help you. If you have any other questions about the vacuum pump, please call us.

Corrosion-resistant vacuum pump

Corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps

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