Vacuum pumps price

Vacuum Pump Brand: Different brands have different prices. Domestic brands are cheaper than imported brands and are more convenient after sales. In the domestic vacuum pump brand, which brand is good, which brand price does not exceed the enterprise’s purchase amount.

Vacuum pump type: According to the requirements of working conditions, choose the type of pump, screw pump is suitable or water ring vacuum pump is more suitable for the current situation of their own enterprises. Comparatively speaking, the price of screw pump is higher than that of water ring pump. Some need to choose a combination of vacuum pumps (that is, vacuum units) in order to make the vacuum system get a better vacuum and exhaust volume, which determines the purchase price will be increased.

Vacuum pump model: According to many parameters of process and pumping capacity, choose the type needed by enterprises. For example, different types, sizes and prices of water ring vacuum pumps are different.

Vacuum Pump Material: Choose suitable enterprise technology, whether the pumping is corrosive. (Specific parameters) can be customized, different locations using different materials. Stainless steel and titanium can be used as anticorrosive materials. It is well known that titanium itself costs more than stainless steel. Stainless steel 304 and 316L have similar physical properties and mechanical properties, and the tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and section shrinkage are the same, and the physical properties are the same. However, there is a clear difference in the anti-corrosion performance, 316L is better. Therefore, there must be a difference in price.

Vacuum pumps price

2BV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Curve No. Model Max. suction capacity Ultimate vacuum
Motor power
Operating liquidflow rate
m3/min m3/h
60V 2BV2-060 0.45 27 33mbar
0.81 2840 2.5 62 37
61V 2BV2-061 0.86 52 1.45 2840 2.5 65 41
70V 2BV2-070 1.33 80 2.35 2860 3 66 66
71V 2BV2-071 1.83 110 3.85 2880 4.7 72 85
110V 2BV5-110 2.75 165 4 1440 7.2 63 120
111V 2BV5-111 3.83 230 5.5 1440 8.8 68 150
121V 2BV5-121 4.66 280 7.5 1440 11 69 210
131V 2BV5-131 6.66 400 11 1460 16 73 280
161V 2BV5-161 8.33 500 15 970 22 74 390
110V 2BV6-110 2.75 165 4 1440 67 63 150
111V 2BV6-111 3.83 230 5.5 1440 10 68 200
121V 2BV6-121 4.66 280 7.5 1440 12 69 230
131V 2BV6-131 6.66 400 11 1460 17 73 315
161V 2BV6-161 8.33 500 15 970 23 74 426

Vacuum pump motor: ordinary motor, brand motor, frequency conversion motor, explosion-proof motor. The better the motor, the higher the requirement for the motor, the different the cost.

Vacuum pump accessories: different vacuum pump factory accessories are also different. The difference in price between imported and domestic parts may be different. For example: A vacuum pump manufacturer used three imported accessories, B used seven imported accessories. When quoting, both sides will definitely add in the cost. The precision and quality of imported parts will be better than that of domestic ones. If the quality difference is not big, enterprises will replace imported parts with domestic parts. (On the premise of guaranteeing product quality, reduce production cost as much as possible)

Vacuum pump technology: different production equipment, different technology levels, technical engineers and technical engineers level, under a variety of factors, production costs and product quality are also proportional. As the saying goes, “If a worker wants to do good, he must first make good use of his utensils.” Without diamonds, he can’t do the work of porcelain. For example: the screw pump rotor produced by EVP vacuum pump manufacturer is more accurate, in order to better meet the high vacuum operating conditions. Cost accounting, the regular large-scale vacuum pump production enterprises in the pump price is higher than small enterprises. This is also the product quality reflected in the price of the product.

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