Roots Blower for Cement Industry

Application of roots blower in cement industry

Nowadays, Roots blower is used more and more widely, and it is also popular in cement factories. It can improve the working efficiency of cement plant and filter the magazine precipitation produced.

Roots Blower for Cement Industry
Mainly operating Roots blowers to ensure quality, price concessions, throughout the country to create a wide range of mature and stable customer groups, won the unanimous praise of customers, established a good reputation in the industry. In order to let you know more about Roots blowers, I would like to introduce the advantages of Roots blowers:
Roots blower is economical, durable, no lubrication, long service life, good dynamic balance, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, no need for internal lubrication, oil-free medium and so on. The support of pump rotor adopts reliable clearance-eliminating structure, fine dynamic balance of rotating parts, and high-precision helical gears. Therefore, it runs smoothly, has low noise, and is more reliable to use for a long time under high pressure difference. Function.
Roots blower has a constant torque load, whose power-saving rate is proportional to the speed drop, i.e. N%= N%. Although it is different from the general blower and water pump, its power-saving rate is higher, and as long as the furnace wall is not bad, it works continuously for 24 hours and has a long start-up time. Therefore, the potential of power saving is great and the cost of power saving is high. After the technical transformation of Roots blower, the production mode of adjusting air pressure or air volume by adjusting the opening of outlet (import) valves has been changed, and the labor intensity has been reduced. The adjustment is timely, and the qualified rate of products has been improved, and the unit consumption has been obviously reduced. Cement plant is also a big power consumer. In recent years, the project of applying frequency converter has been expanding day by day. Mainly roots blower and disc feeder of vertical kiln, adding water to make balls, screw conveyor, crusher, belt conveyor, and exhaust blower. The application not only saves the cost of electricity, but also improves the quality of products. It also increases the flexibility of use and has stronger adaptability to different technological requirements. Therefore, many vertical kiln cement factories have selected frequency converters for technical renovation of vertical kilns, especially Roots blowers, and have achieved remarkable economic results. The electricity saving rate can reach 30%-50%. It has changed the production mode of adjusting air pressure or air volume by adjusting the opening of outlet (import) valves in the past. The labor intensity has been reduced, the adjustment timeliness is good, and the qualified rate of products has been improved. Unit consumption decreased significantly.
Powder conveying is often equipped with Roots blower on a simple system equipment which can convey materials. The high pressure of Roots blower can convey materials through pipeline to where they are needed. The high pressure produced by Roots blower can convey materials to warehouses of thousands of meters, thus reducing the loss of manpower. Vacuum packaging system of Roots blower in food industry, which is applied in food packaging such as millet and beans, is a significant creative application in food industry packaging. The anti-mechanical pressure of vacuum packaging reduces the shock and is conducive to long-distance transportation and sales. Sewage treatment and environmental protection play a key role in the process of sewage treatment and aeration of Roots blower. At present, general equipment can not be replaced or replaced. Roots blower is first used in the petroleum field in China. With the development of society and the innovation of science and technology, Roots blower will be more and more popular in the future market.
So Roots blower plays a very important role in life. It is also an environmental protection equipment and machinery. Many enterprises can use Roots blower, such as sewage treatment, food outlets, hospitals, hotels and so on. Roots blower can be used in all these areas. Since we have Roots blower, our life has become better and better.

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