Vacuum Pump For Pvc Machine

Special PVC vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump as a kind of coarse vacuum pump, the device is composed of pump body, impeller, suction exhaust plate, auxiliary structures such as exhaust valve, etc., including in the vacuum conveying equipment has many characteristics, can promote the efficiency of water ring vacuum pump, vacuum conveying, so we can send the water ring vacuum pump vacuum characteristics to understand.

Vacuum Pump For Pvc Machine
2BV water ring vacuum pump PVC vacuum pump vacuum set wholesale, vacuum pump, suppliers, buyers, manufacturers. Model: 2 bv water ring vacuum pumps, material: cast iron, the principle that liquid ring pump, vacuum degree, other, drive mode: electric, performance: the other, use: other, medium: other, power: 7.5 kW (kW), extreme pressure: 3300 (pa), overall dimensions: other, pump shaft position: other, extraction rate, other (l/s), the swept volume: the other, the maximum working pressure: other, voltage: other (V), discharge aperture: other (mm), head: (m), and other traffic: other (m3 / h), the number of impeller: other, specifications: 2 bv water ring vacuum pump, Cross-border sourcing: no. True empty box definition true empty box is a closed space as a studio, connected to a vacuum pump through a vacuum tube.

According to the news report, the new vacuum pump bought by the customer will leak oil and crack the belt after two hours. From the loss, the amount is not huge, but the leakage of the problem is very serious, we need to warn: fake fake products rampant. In the investigation has not received the results, we temporarily unable to distinguish the quality of the product, is still the cause of improper operation. However, according to the use of this vacuum pump, the product raw materials, installation elements are greater. The quality of vacuum pumps on the market is worrying. Some products are not energy-saving, but can be used. The two rotors of the vacuum pump are operated relatively synchronously by a pair of high-precision gears. The drive shaft is connected to the motor through a coupling. In the transmission structure layout there are mainly the following two: one is the motor and gear on the same side of the rotor as shown in the figure. Driven rotor is directly driven by the motor’s end gear, so that the active rotor shaft torsional deformation is small, the gap between the two rotors will not change due to the large torsional deformation of the active shaft, so that the gap between the rotors in the process of running uniform. The disadvantages of this transmission mode are as follows: a. there are three bearings on the driving shaft, which increases the processing and assembly difficulty of the pump, and the disassembly and adjustment of the gear are also inconvenient; B. The overall structure is asymmetrical, and the center of gravity of the pump is inclined to the side of the motor and gear box. (2) transmission mode of the pump: two oil pump rotor shaft and horizontal vertical installation. In the structure and assembly clearance easy to control, rotor device convenient, the pump occupies a small area, but the higher center of gravity and gear pump, removal to your inconvenience, lubrication mechanism is more complex.Vacuum Pump For Pvc Machine.

Water ring pump and other types of mechanical vacuum pump have the following advantages: brief structure, production accuracy requirements are not high, brief processing. Compact structure, the pump revolution is high, generally can be directly connected with the motor, no need for speed reduction equipment. Therefore, with a small structural scale, can obtain a large amount of exhaust, land area is also small.

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