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Screw vacuum pump introduction

Dry screw vacuum pump principle

The principle of dry screw vacuum pump is to use a pair of screws to operate synchronously and reversely in the cavity of screw vacuum pump at high speed. Two rotors, pump body and side cover constitute several chambers to achieve the function of suction and exhaust. These chambers regularly “move” from the air inlet side to the exhaust side of the vacuum pump, so that the gas is transmitted in a low-speed swirl way. The continuous operation of the vacuum pump will not change the flow direction of the gas, so that the fine particles and steam that may be entrained by the gas can be pumped out within a certain limit.

When the dry screw vacuum pump works, the two screws do not produce frictional force directly. There is no need for lubricating oil in the pump cavity, and the machine is stable and the noise is small during the operation. Compared with the equal pitch screw vacuum pump, the vacuum pump with variable pitch structure has a higher limit vacuum, a good gap design and a continuous compression mode, and a single pump can reach the limit vacuum of 0.075 Torr (1 PA). The energy consumption is lower. The energy-saving design concept of the variable pitch screw vacuum pump can reduce the power consumption by 30%. It is a good alternative product of the oil sealed vacuum pump.

Dry screw vacuum pump selection features

As we all know, acidic ions or alkaline ions in the solution react with metals to cause metal corrosion. The higher the temperature, the faster the chemical reaction, the faster the corrosion rate. So the damage to the coating is very low.

As we all know, the chemical reaction between acid ion or alkaline ion in solution and metal will cause metal corrosion. The higher the temperature, the faster the chemical reaction, and the faster the corrosion rate. General vacuum pump uses some corrosion-resistant materials or some corrosion-resistant coating materials on the rotor to delay the corrosion rate. The partial pressure of corrosive gas can be reduced by the gas ballast device, which can prevent the corrosive gas from condensing in the pump cavity and further improve the corrosion resistance of the vacuum pump.

The dry screw vacuum pump has the following advantages:

1. High limit vacuum
The operating limit vacuum degree of single pump can reach 0.0075 Torr (1pA)
It can operate continuously in the whole range from atmospheric pressure to ultimate pressure, with high air extraction efficiency.
2. Strong corrosion resistance
The coating material with excellent corrosion resistance can deal with toxic, corrosive and condensable gases;
Coating or coating with specific process;
The partial pressure of corrosive gas can be reduced and the corrosion resistance can be improved through the gas ballast device.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection
Variable pitch structure design reduces power consumption by more than 30%;
No pollution, no pollution, no waste disposal cost.
4. Variable pitch screw
Advanced screw type, the maximum vacuum degree of single pump reaches 0.0075 Torr (1pA);
Reduce the temperature rise in the pump to prevent coating damage;
Compared with equal pitch screw products, the energy consumption is reduced by 30%.
5. Reliable sealing structure
A triple seal structure is formed by adding gas seal to lip seal and mechanical seal;
Install high performance mechanical seal specially designed for dry vacuum pump;
The pressurized gas sealing device further improves the sealing performance of gear oil.
6. Spiral jacket cooling structure
Excellent heat exchange efficiency, only a small amount of coolant can control the temperature rise in the pump;
Maintain the best temperature in the pump, effectively prevent coating damage.
7. Smooth drainage structure
Excellent liquid handling capacity;
The pulsation of exhaust gas is reduced;
Fast exhaust structure;
8. Installation of pneumatic valve device
Prevent the condensation of strong corrosive gas;
Reduce the partial pressure of explosive gas.
9. Gear oil cooling water jacket
Keep the oil temperature low;
Prevent oil leakage due to high temperature and high pressure of gear oil;
To prevent the reduction of gear oil caused by high temperature.
10. IEC flange
The simple C flange design eliminates the coupling calibration problem and reduces the noise level;
The connecting flange is designed with stiffeners to prevent deformation and vibration.
11. Anti grease leakage
Triple lip seal;
Optimize lubrication space to prevent grease leakage.

Screw Vacuum Pump Importers

Screw Vacuum Pump Importers

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