Vacuum pump in electronic materials and devices

Electronic materials are used in electronic and electrical factories. They are the basis of electronic devices and integrated circuit manufacturing. With the decrease of the molecular density of gas in the gas space, the physical properties of gas have changed obviously. Based on the change of gas properties, people apply various vacuum processes in different vacuum states to achieve the purpose of serving production and scientific research. At present, it can be said that from the manufacture of VLSI with hundreds of electronic components per square centimeter to the operation of large accelerators with a length of several kilometers, from the production of civil decorations to the advent of controlled nuclear fusion, artificial satellites and space shuttles, all are closely related to vacuum pump technology. About the application of vacuum and vacuum pump in electronic materials and devices, the following will be introduced in detail.

In vacuum science, the meaning of vacuum refers to the state of gas below an atmospheric pressure in a given space. People usually call this thin gas state vacuum state. This particular vacuum state has the following basic characteristics compared with the state of the atmosphere on which human beings depend:

The gas pressure in vacuum state is lower than one atmospheric pressure, therefore, in various vacuum containers on the earth’s surface, it will be affected by atmospheric pressure, and the size of the pressure difference depends on the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the container.

In the vacuum state, because of the rarity of the gas, the number of gas molecules per unit volume, that is, the molecular density of the gas is less than that of the atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the number of collisions between molecules, between molecules and other particles (such as electrons, ions, etc.) and between molecules and various surfaces (such as vessel walls) is relatively reduced, which makes the molecular free path of gas increase.

In the vacuum state, due to the decrease of molecular density, the content of oxygen, hydrogen and other gases (including the content of water) as the components of the atmosphere will also be relatively reduced. These characteristics of vacuum pump have been used in abundant production and scientific experiments.


Vacuum pump in electronic materials and devices

Because the working principle of all kinds of electric vacuum devices is based on the electric field and magnetic field to control the movement of electrons in space so as to achieve the purpose of amplification, oscillation, image display and so on. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to avoid the collision between electrons and gas molecules, to ensure the movement law of electrons in space, to prevent the cathode oxidation poisoning of emitting hot electrons, to pump the electronic devices into different vacuum devices with different vacuum degrees and to ensure the normal operation of electronic devices.

At present, there are various electron tubes, ion tubes, electron beam tubes, source tubes, neutron tubes, electron diffractometers, electron microscopes, light microscopes, particle accelerators, mass spectrometers, nuclear radiation spectrometers, gas lasers, degassing, smelting, regional purification and refractory by using electron beams in vacuum Melting and drilling of metals and media, slotting and cutting, evaporation of radioisotopes, welding of refractory metals and many other aspects.

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