KF flange accessories

Product name :KF stainless steel vacuum flange
Product specification :KF-10/16/25/40/50
Price advantage: manufacturer direct sale
Processing technology: forging blank – CNC integration
Product specifications: Precise size and length are optional
Material :304
Product features: beautiful appearance and smooth surface
Scope of application: vacuum equipment
Applicable medium: gas
The total length is optional L=20MM 30MM 40MM 50MM

National standard size
Measure the type corresponding to the outer diameter of chuck

Kf-10 chuck outer diameter 30mm inner diameter 10mm Pipe outer diameter (welding opening) 13mm
Kf-16 chuck outer diameter 30mm inner diameter 16mm Pipe outer diameter (welding opening) 19mm
Kf-25 chuck outer diameter 40mm inner diameter 25mm Pipe outer diameter (weld opening) 28mm
Kf-40 chuck outer diameter 55mm inner diameter 40mm Pipe outer diameter (welding opening) 44mm
Kf-50 chuck outer diameter 75mm inner diameter 50mm Pipe outer diameter (welding opening) 54mm

Choose vacuum flange

Vacuum flange for vacuum environment, in the selection process to pay attention to:

1, the material leakage rate and the air rate should be small. In many vacuum applications, the leakage rate of vacuum system is required, so the leakage rate and the leakage rate of vacuum flange material should be as small as possible.

2. Vacuum leak detection is convenient. In the introduction of leaky parts in vacuum system, the screw vacuum pump manufacturer mentioned that the vacuum flange and various sealing joints are one of the leaky parts. Therefore, the selection of vacuum flange should be conducive to the development of vacuum leak detection.

3, good thermal stability, multiple short – term heating will not damage the air tightness.

4. Strong air tightness ability in multiple disassembly and assembly. On this point, most of the sealing ring of the metal sealing flange can only be used once, but the appearance of the metal elastic sealing ring is particularly suitable for sealing the metal ultra-high vacuum valve.

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