KF elbow flange

KF series vacuum elbow common specifications are: KF16(KF10), KF25, KF40, KF50 several specifications, then upward to ISO63, ISO100 with the general caliper connection! It can be used in combination with vacuum bellows, vacuum joints, center bracket and vacuum clamp, as well as with vacuum valves, vacuum elbows, vacuum four-way, vacuum bellows, vacuum adapters, vacuum cavities, vacuum pumps and molecular pumps to meet the needs of different customers and achieve ideal results.

KF elbow flange

Product size

KF elbow flange size

Flange model A (total length mm) DN (inner diameter of pipe mm) texture of material
KF10 80 10 304 stainless steel
KF16 80 16
KF25 100 25
KF40 130 40
KF50 140 50

Note: unit: mm

Product features

1. Non-toxic: NATIONAL standard 304 stainless steel, environmental protection and no pollution;
2. Corrosion resistance: Nickel and chromium combined with acid and alkali resistance, long service life
3, no rust: with strong oxidation resistance, in a humid environment, still not rust
4. High hardness: High hardness, 2 times higher than copper, 10 times higher than aluminum
5, durable: suitable for long-term use, not easy to damage, not corrupt
6, luster as new: the surface silver-white luster, 10 years 20 years luster as new

Technical parameters

Product name: KF vacuum 90 degree elbow
Material: 304 stainless steel
Processing technology: forging blank + automatic welding
Surface treatment: mirror finish
Scope of application: vacuum equipment

Product specifications: KF10, KF16, KF25, KF40, KF50

KF10 chuck (chuck outer diameter 30mm)
KF16 chuck (chuck outer diameter 30mm)
KF25 chuck (outer diameter of chuck: 40mm)
KF40 chuck (outside diameter of chuck 55mm)
KF50 chuck (chuck outer diameter 75mm)

Product application

Widely used in double pipe, freeze-drying, vacuum concentration, heating ventilation, air conditioning, vacuum drying box, glove box, mass spectrometer, industrial application, semiconductor manufacturing, national defense scientific research, aerospace, biological pharmacy, liquid crystal, photovoltaic solar energy, etc.

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