vacuum pump for gases

Evacuation of the container, ie the removal of air or gas from the sealed container, is one of the most widely used vacuum technologies. There are many types of such applications.

The so-called exhaust, in most environmental air industrial applications, is generally understood as the exhaust of gases in physical space. When the presence of ambient air or oxygen interferes with manufacturing or testing processes, it is often necessary to evacuate.

According to the different applications, the requirements for vacuum are different, from the low vacuum required by the central vacuum system to the high vacuum required for the production of silicon wafer coatings by semiconductors.

Gas container evacuation technology is widely used, and correspondingly, this kind of vacuum pump products also vary. The key factors to be considered when selecting vacuum acquisition equipment include the exhaust volume and the final pressure of the vessel required. Basically all of our vacuum pumps can meet this requirement.

Application of vacuum pump in gas circulation. The global material cycle can be divided into three types: water cycle, gas cycle and sedimentary cycle. Any substance belonging to the type of gas and its molecules or certain compounds must participate in the cycle in the form of gas. In scientific research and laboratories, vacuum pumps are usually used in the fields of gas circulation, gas sampling, filtration, vacuum pumping and indirect pumping. So which vacuum pump should be used for gas?

First, let’s look at the gas cycle. There are two kinds of gas cycle, one is natural gas cycle, the other is industrial gas cycle. Today we mainly introduce the industrial gas cycle. Gas-liquid dispersion and reaction problems are often encountered in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, such as liquid-phase catalytic hydrogenation, alkylation, carbonylation and oxidation of nitroaromatic compounds, aliphatic nitriles, olefins and alkynes. The common characteristic is that the reaction rate is controlled by gas/liquid mass transfer. Gas/liquid mass transfer involves gas dispersion, gas circulation and suspension of solid catalyst.

Because of the incompatibility between gas and liquid and the great difference in density, unreacted gases in the gas-liquid reactor accumulate in the upper space of the reactor, which seriously affects the reaction rate and efficiency. At the same time, the heterogeneity of solid catalyst suspension also limits the reaction rate. In order to improve the reaction rate, three modes of gas external circulation, liquid external circulation and gas internal circulation are generally adopted in industry.

Next, let’s look at the role of vacuum pumps in the gas cycle. Gas circulation pump is a rotary vane vacuum pump used for gas circulation, which has an inlet, an exhaust nozzle and an exhaust nozzle, and can continuously form vacuum or negative pressure at the inlet, and form micro-positive pressure at the exhaust nozzle. The working medium is mainly gas, which is mainly used in small instruments for gas circulation. The working principle of gas circulating pump: the circumferential motion of the motor and the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm in the pump by the mechanical eccentric device can compress and stretch the air in the fixed volume pump chamber to form a vacuum (negative pressure). In the pump, there is a pressure difference between the suction port and the external atmospheric pressure. Under the action of pressure difference, the gas is pressurized (inhaled) into the pump chamber and discharged from the exhaust port.


Main characteristics of rotary vane vacuum pump for gas circulation:

1. Because the main internal components are diaphragms, pollution-free transmission and maintenance can be achieved without using lubricating oil.

2. Easy to install, can be installed in any direction, not controlled by the direction of space.

3. Low energy consumption, DC power supply for motor, safe and reliable voltage within 24V.

4. It is widely used in gas circulation of portable instruments, mobile devices and handheld devices. It is an ideal accessory for portable products.

Vacuum pumps can be used in many different gas evacuation processes because they are reliable and durable and perform best.

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