Vacuum pump system in medical central suction system

The application of vacuum pump system can achieve many fields, as long as it is used correctly, it can achieve good use effect, so it will also be applied in the medical suction system. In order to let you better understand its application, next I will introduce its operation process for you.

The specific work flow of vacuum pump unit is that under the control of CPU command, the vacuum pump system equipment affects the opening and closing state of the solenoid valve through the action of electric power. After the solenoid valve is started, the check valve is also opened under the action of negative pressure difference. At this time, the gas in the container is continuously discharged and becomes empty. When the negative pressure value exceeds the required range, it will be automatically sensed by the pressure sensor, and the data information will be transmitted to the CPU of the data control platform. After analysis, the CPU will execute the closing procedure, at this time, the solenoid valve and the check valve are interlocked and closed, and no negative pressure will be provided. At this time, another true air unit will continue to execute the negative pressure command to open the solenoid valve through the function of the CPU to generate negative pressure, and then Open the check valve, when the negative pressure value exceeds the limit of the sensor and the required range of pressure, close the solenoid valve and check valve again, and operate alternately.


When the negative pressure value generated by one of the units is in an acceptable range, the two vacuum units operate at the same time. When the pressure value exceeds the standard, the two units shut down at the same time, and no negative pressure suction will be given. As mentioned above, the negative pressure suction device controls and raises the negative pressure through the process of CPU command, solenoid valve, one-way valve sensor and CPU. If the solenoid valve is damaged, the data line of control cabinet is in poor contact, and the pressure sensor fails, etc. will affect the normal operation of the unit, it can be analyzed as the main cause of the failure.

In addition, due to the long-term operation of the vacuum pump system under the influence of environmental factors, system factors and mechanical factors, it is also easy to have component damage, valve failure and other situations, so the routine maintenance of the unit is also an effective measure to prevent failure. In a word, the maintenance of negative pressure system is of great significance for nursing and treatment isolation. Understanding the operation principle and process characteristics of the unit is also helpful for us to maintain and repair the unit.

The supply of medical negative pressure is inseparable from the normal operation of the vacuum unit, which is enough to reflect the importance of its application in the suction system. The unit mainly meets the medical requirements through valve control, so if you have problems in use, it is inseparable from the damage of the valve, controller and motor.

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