vacuum pump for extruder brick plant

Vacuum pump everyone is familiar with vacuum equipment, but some people really know about vacuum equipment. Know that vacuum equipment has many functions. Vacuum pump is widely used in various industries What I want to talk about today is the application of vacuum pump in the brick factory of extruder Design and develop customized vacuum systems and solutions for customers according to different industries, fields and application requirements. From product design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning to later maintenance, vacuum solutions cover every detail from engineering to after-sales service.

With the development of society, the demand of stone brick is increasing. In the past few years, a large number of clay bricks have been used to produce building bricks, which have destroyed a lot of good farmland artificially. In urban and rural construction, bricks and tiles are still important building materials in the competition with new building materials.

What equipment do we need in the process of brick manufacturing? What vacuum equipment is generally used in the extrusion brick factory:

The vacuum extruder adopts single extruder principle, single shaft, single mud cylinder and single screw coaxial sealing mechanism. The body is all welded by steel plate. Reasonable structure design and high extrusion pressure. It is suitable for producing various specifications of hollow brick with shale, high content fly ash, coal gangue, clay and other raw materials. This machine has strong practicability, small investment and quick effect. It is an ideal equipment for technical transformation of brick factory.

The noise of the vacuum brick machine is relatively low when it is working. It is very energy-saving and environmental protection from the design of structure and power consumption. Generally, a motor is used to save power consumption. The saving rate can reach 40%. The automation degree of the energy-saving vacuum brick machine is higher. After setting the size and strength of the brick, the equipment is produced when it is working If the product fails to meet the set requirements, it will be returned to the raw material warehouse, and then it will be pressed after stirring, which can ensure that the produced product can be greatly guaranteed.

The profile steel used in the manufacturing of the mechanical frame of the vacuum extruder is high-strength, and the manufacturing of its welding process is a special process, so it is very strong and durable. The steel used in its guide column is made of high-strength and special profiles, and the chrome plating is designed on its surface, so it is on the anti twist It’s very strong. It’s also very strong in wear resistance.


The liquid ring vacuum pump is eccentric installed in the pump shell with a multi blade rotor. When it rotates, the liquid (usually water) is thrown to the pump shell to form a concentric liquid ring with the pump shell. The liquid ring and the rotor blade form a volume, periodically changing rotary variable volume vacuum pump. The most common type of liquid ring vacuum pump is water ring vacuum pump. This kind of water ring vacuum pump is mainly used in the process of coarse vacuum and large air extraction. It has been widely used in chemical, petroleum and light industries. The advantages of the pump are: simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable operation, convenient use, strong durability, and can pump very large gas, including corrosive gas, dusty gas and gas water mixture.

The above is the application knowledge of vacuum pump in the brick factory of extruder. This paper introduces the application of vacuum pump in brick factory of extruder and the working process of vacuum pump. I hope this knowledge can help it. If you want to know more. Product content, welcome email

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