Environmental protection equipment blower selection

Environmental protection equipment air blower type selection performance characteristics: wide range of application: multiple specifications – according to different needs of customers, different voltage specifications of vortex blower can be selected, which is divided into large air volume and high air pressure, so that customers can be more flexible in the selection.

Environmental protection equipment blower selection

Easy to install:
Vortex blower can be installed at any time for compressed air or vacuum. And can be installed in any horizontal or vertical direction.

Solid design, reduce space waste. Highest quality: with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and strict quality control, all parts can meet the highest quality requirements.

At the same time, in order to ensure the performance, each air blower is tested before delivery.

Low noise: the use of low-noise motor direct drive, inlet and outlet are built-in muffler, can reduce the noise during operation.

blowers selection

High reliability: in addition to the impeller, the vortex blower has no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor, no gear or drive belt drive, so the reliability is high and almost maintenance free.

Solid structure: the body of vortex blower is cast with AC10 aluminum alloy, which is different from the blower made of iron shell, more durable.

No oil and gas, no pollution: when the impeller rotates, it does not contact with any parts, and is free of lubrication, so it can guarantee 100% oil and gas free.

Low vibration: the mechanical precision of the vortex blower is high, and the other parts of the rotating part have been designed, tested and corrected, so the vibration rate is very low.

blower selection

The above is about the environmental protection equipment air blower type selection introduction finished!

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