roots blower belt heating processing method

Roots blower, also known as roots blower, is a rotary compressor which uses two or three blade rotors to make relative movement in the cylinder to compress and transport gas. This kind of blower is simple in structure and convenient in manufacture. It is suitable for gas transportation and pressurization in low pressure situation and can also be used as vacuum pump.

Roots fan is a positive displacement fan. There are two three blade impellers rotating relative to each other in the space sealed by the shell and the wallboard. Because each impeller adopts involute or epicycloid shell. The three blades of each impeller are the same, and the two impellers are the same, which reduces the machining difficulty. Numerical control equipment is used in the machining process of impeller. When the two impellers are in the same center distance, no matter where the two impellers rotate, a small gap can be kept, so that the gas leakage is within the allowable range.

The two impellers of Roots blower rotate in the opposite direction, because the gap between impeller and impeller, impeller and shell, impeller and wall plate is very small, so the air inlet forms a vacuum state. Air enters the air inlet chamber under the action of atmospheric pressure. Then, every two impellers form a sealing cavity with the wall plate and the casing. During the rotation of the impeller of roots blower, the air in the inlet chamber continuously enters the exhaust chamber through the sealing cavity formed by two blades, and due to the exhaust, the impellers in the cavity mesh with each other to squeeze the air between the two blades. The continuous operation of air from the air inlet to the air outlet.

Claw vacuum pump application

Roots blower manufacturer: pulley can be adjusted with a ruler. After using for a period of time, the belt will be loose. At this time, it should be adjusted from the beginning; check the gear oil. Gear oil is added to the fuel tank at the factory. Please check the gear oil; add it to the oil window when it is off. Center can, do not add more, or it will cause oil leakage. Remove the welding slag and other foreign matters in the pipeline in front of the equipment; the valve of Roots blower should be fully open, otherwise the fan will be overloaded and damaged;

The root design of Roots blower should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of national mechanical equipment installation engineering. The foundation should be built on solid soil, about 100-250 mm above the ground and 800-1500 mm deep. The bearing surface of the base shall be 100-250 mm wider than the base. Roots fan base bottom should be prohibited from other foundations and from the bottom of the wall.

Treatment method for belt heating of Roots blower:

1. This is usually caused by loose belt of Roots blower. Before the roots blower leaves the factory, the manufacturer should adjust the belt of the blower to the appropriate tight state, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the blower. The loose belt will not only cause heating, but also fall off and damage.

2. Too tight belt will also lead to belt heating, and will affect the linkage of the blower. In the process of power transmission, the belt may even break in the process of operation. Therefore, whether it is too loose or too tight is not good. Therefore, when manufacturers leave the factory, they should strictly test various indicators of the blower.

3. Roots blower belt heating is even more serious in summer. Some customers splash water on the belt in order to cool the blower belt. Xiaobian reminds you that this method is very wrong. Although this will lower the temperature of the belt, it will seriously affect the fit between the belt and the pulley, reduce friction and lead to insufficient power transmission and slipping. If the water flows into the fan, the impeller inside the blower will be rusted, which will be locked up for a long time, and the roots blower will be damaged.

I believe that after reading the above content, you should also have some understanding of the treatment method of Roots blower belt heating, I hope it will help you.

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