Screw vacuum pump in the pull rod

Screw vacuum pump in the pull rod specific application

Vacuum technology is an indispensable and important technology in industrial system with more and more extensive application, covering aerospace, military industry, photovoltaic power generation and other fields. The old heat treatment method will cause some pollution to the environment, and it will pose a threat to human health. According to this problem, dongguan puno vacuum technology co., ltd. will improve the heat treatment technology. Next, I will share the specific application of screw vacuum pump in the pull rod for your reference.

Screw vacuum pump in the pull rod

First of all, I would like to introduce the pull rod device related knowledge.

New type of rod unit is two pairs of triangle rod device through brace connection, brace and the triangle rod device to keep below the end over end, pin block device welding on the bottom of the triangle rod bending brace device through hex riveting bolt and triangle rod connections, in bending brace device is installed at the bottom of the screw, the screw clamp brake piece of fixed connection with security; The triangular tie rod is provided with a square hole, the square pipe passes through the square hole and is fixed by the offset pin block device, and baffle is installed at the end of the square pipe. Compared with the old pull rod, the position of the pull rod is changed and the reliability of safety clamp is greatly enhanced. On the structure from a single circular tube as the borrowing point, into adjustable pull rod, can be very good to achieve the length of the pull rod adjustment, reduce the burden of assembly; The strength and sensitivity of safety clamp are greatly improved. Reduced the cost, elevator manufacturers can be self-production; Production and assembly processes are simplified.

Vacuum heat treatment is a new heat treatment technology combining vacuum technology and heat treatment technology. The vacuum environment where vacuum heat treatment is located refers to the atmosphere environment less than one atmosphere, including low vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum. Vacuum heat treatment actually belongs to atmosphere control heat treatment. The application and development of vacuum heat treatment technology has been further improved and popularized. It has the characteristics of no oxidation, no decarburization, clean and bright surface of the workpiece after quenching, high abrasion resistance, no pollution and high degree of automation. Vacuum annealing, vacuum degassing, vacuum oil quenching, vacuum water quenching, true air quenching, vacuum tempering and vacuum carburizing are widely used in industrial production.

Screw vacuum pump for pulling rod of advantages

1, no oxidation, no decarburization heating: because the mold is heated in a vacuum state, the residual gas oxygen partial pressure is very low, no oxidation, no decarburization on the surface, and do not form any toxic products.

2, small deformation, uniform hardness: due to the vacuum heating mainly rely on the heat radiation under high temperature, low temperature convection effect is very weak, so the heating is slow, the workpiece surface and center temperature difference is small, the expansion and contraction is more uniform, resulting in smaller thermal stress, thereby reducing the final deformation of the workpiece.

3, improve the workpiece plasticity, strength: solid metal in vacuum heat treatment, surface degassing, so as to improve its plasticity and strength.

4, clean the surface of the workpiece: vacuum attached to these objects on the oil belongs to the common aliphatic group, is the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen compounds, vapor pressure is high, heating in the vacuum when volatilized or decomposed, then vacuum pump removed, so that the surface of the workpiece purification.

With screw vacuum pump technology is mainly introduced in this paper to solve the performance requirements of high heat treatment, heat treatment difficult parts, screw vacuum pump in the lift rod concrete application is using vacuum technology without oxidation, the characteristics of the best comprehensive performance to comprehensive lift rod medium carbon steel conditioning treatment and surface hardening heat treatment cannot reach the purpose, to improve the quality of heat treatment provides an efficient parts.

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