How liquid ring vacuum pump correctly

Do you know how to use the liquid ring vacuum pump? What are the skills? Today I’ll tell you!

1. Preparations.

Put the liquid ring vacuum pump flat on the workbench. When it is used for the first time, open the upper cover of the water tank to inject clean cold water (or add water through the drain hose). When the water surface is about to rise to the height below the overflow nozzle behind the water tank, stop adding water and restart the machine to stop adding water. The water shall be changed at least once a week. If the water quality is seriously polluted and the utilization rate is high, the time for changing the water shall be shortened to keep the water quality in the water tank clean.
2. Vacuum operation.

Connect the air extraction sleeve of the equipment to be vacuumized closely to the air extraction nozzle of the unit, close the circulation switch, connect the power supply, turn on the power switch, and then start the vacuumizing operation. The vacuum degree can be observed by the vacuum meter corresponding to the air extraction nozzle.

3. When the liquid ring vacuum pump needs to operate continuously for a long time, the water temperature in the water tank will rise, which will affect the vacuum degree. At this time, the drain hose can be connected with the water source (tap water), the overflow nozzle can be used as the drainage outlet, and the tap water flow can be properly controlled to keep the water temperature in the water tank from rising, so as to stabilize the vacuum degree.

4. When it is necessary to provide cooling circulating water for the reaction device, on the basis of the operation in the previous article 3, connect the water inlet and water outlet pipes of the device to be cooled to the circulating water outlet and water inlet nozzles at the rear of the machine respectively, and turn the circulating water switch to the on position to realize the supply of circulating cooling water.

Liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used in industry, waterworks, crop irrigation, factories and so on. Its function is quite powerful.


How liquid ring vacuum pump correctly

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