2 Stage Vacuum Pumps

2 stage liquid ring vacuum pump of description

In response to the increasing demand in the market, the widely favored liquid ring vacuum pump was introduced as a level 2 version. Each of the pumps in this new series has been very successful and has done their job effectively, so, as always, we have earned great respect for the logo.

Stage 2 liquid ring vacuum pump is positive displacement type, wherein impeller eccentric installation on the axis of the pump shell. Sealing water forms a ring that circulates coaxially within the axis of the housing. The gas is trapped in the impeller compartment as it passes through the suction port, where it is compressed into a second stage, where it is further compressed and discharged through the exhaust port. The pressure of the sealed water forming the liquid ring is equal to the discharge pressure of the pump, which enables the pump to automatically make up for the amount of liquid discharged through the exhaust port, thus eliminating the heat of compression from the pump. Generally, the main housing and almost all components of the pump are manufactured by CI except for the shaft and impeller of ss-304 / ss-316. However, these pumps also provide a variety of corrosion resistant material combinations for specific applications.

2 Stage Vacuum Pumps

We participate in providing stage 2 liquid ring vacuum pump. These pumps are used to conserve energy during distillation and produce impromptu results. It is recommended to use the pump provided by us for greater vacuum. Multistage vacuum pump ensures blank solution. The design of structural materials depends on the medium to be treated. Due to their high performance, low maintenance and long service life, these pumps are widely required by customers.

As a leading exporter and supplier of high efficiency level 2 liquid ring vacuum pumps, we have won wide acclaim in the market. These pumps are widely used in industry and power plants because of their high suction and superior strength. These pumps are purchased from well-known entities that effectively utilize materials and technology according to the latest industry specifications. In addition, we have acquired a broad customer base who supply to customers in case of tampering with the packaging.

2 stage liquid ring vacuum pump of benefits

High efficiency Meekaj vacuum pump series
New and innovative two-stage vacuum pump, with more futures, can be a long – term trouble-free operation
All vacuum pumps have been tested 100% in accordance with HEI standard before delivery
Mature technology

Most regular models in stock can be shipped immediately:

2 stage vacuum pump saves energy
Mechanical seal or asbestos – free smooth graphite seal to improve reliability and ensure long trouble-free life
The unique design function is to inject water directly into the ptfe ring, which is trapped between the graphite seals. This water penetrates teflon for lubrication, cooling and preventing gas leakage.
Stainless steel rotors are dynamically balanced because standard impeller and shaft made of rods and stainless steel plates eliminate casting defects, provide durability and extended service life, and are trouble-free
Reliable, simple design, involving only one rotating part, does not cause more wear and tear
Condensable vapor or even liquid clumps trapped in the airflow can be handled without damaging the pump or affecting its performance
When used as a vacuum pump or compressor, a steady non – pulsating air flow is produced
Resist contaminants entering with airflow, which will be diluted and flushed by the seal fluid through the pump

Other models of liquid ring vacuum pump: 2BV vacuum pump, 2BE vacuum pump, DLV vacuum pump, 2SK vacuum pump, CL vacuum pump, etc.

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