Direct water ring vacuum pump

Purpose and scope of use and use of direct water ring vacuum pump:

Direct water ring vacuum pump is used to pump air and other non-corrosive gases that do not dissolve in water and contain solid particles in order to form a vacuum in an airtight container. A small amount of liquid is allowed in the inhalation gas.

Direct water ring vacuum pump is widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, food, ceramic printing and dyeing, metallurgy and other industries, especially suitable for large water pump for water use.

Since the compression of gas is isothermal in the process of work, it is not easy to be dangerous when it absorbs the corrosive, flammable and explosive gas, so its application is more extensive.

Operation principle of direct water ring vacuum pump:

Straight water ring vacuum pump to the cantilever structure, eccentric impeller installed in the pump body, so when the impeller rotates, the effect of water by centrifugal force, on a rotating water ring pump wall form, upper water ring with wheel hub and tangent, along the direction of arrow rotation, in the process of the first half of the turn, water ring surface and wheel was gradually, so the space is formed between the impeller blade and gradually expand, thus from inspiratory mouth in gas, in the process of the half turn, water ring surface and wheel hub near gradually, the space between the blade volume decreases, the gas is compressed between the vane and discharge.

So, the impeller rotation per week, the space between the blades product change time, each blade between the waters as reciprocating piston, straight league water ring vacuum pump suction gas is continuous.

As the water heats up at work, and a portion of the water and gas is discharged, the pump must continuously supply cold water to cool and replenish the water consumed in the pump.

When the pump discharge gas is gas, can pick up a water tank in the exhaust end, part of the waste gas and out of the water into water tank, the gas again by the exhaust pipes, water tanks and water falls in the bottom of the tank back again after the return pipe pump in use. If the water circulates for a long period of time, the water will be hot, and then the water supply from the water tank will supply a certain amount of cold water.


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