Carbon dioxide compressor

Carbon dioxide compressor refers to the compressor used to pressurize and deliver carbon dioxide gas. Mainly used in urea synthesis plant. Attention shall be paid to:

(1) The critical temperature of carbon dioxide is high, and it can be liquefied at 31.3 ℃ and 7.14mpa. When it is used in winter, the interstage cooling temperature cannot be too low;
(2) When carbon dioxide is below 60MPa, it is favorable for gas compression;
(3) Because the relative density of carbon dioxide gas is large, it is not suitable to use excessive piston average speed, otherwise the resistance of gas valve is large;
(4) The carbon dioxide gas contains a small amount of water, which is highly corrosive. Therefore, the gas valve, cooler and buffer tank shall be made of stainless steel.

Carbon dioxide compressor customization

Products according to customer requirements (flow / temperature / pressure, use environment, main purpose and customer special requirements), provide independent solutions, from design to product customization for customers.

Please call the product sales hotline or send an email to for product proposal and quotation.

Carbon dioxide compressor product use

It is mainly used for unloading, loading, pouring, residual gas recovery and residual liquid recovery process system of process gas.

Widely used in the process of pressurization, pressure stabilization, gas recovery.

Carbon dioxide compressor features

1. This series of compressor is manufactured by the product technology of Mannes mandemag company of Germany. It is an advanced piston compressor unit.
2. The product has the characteristics of low noise, small vibration, compact structure, stable operation, safety and reliability, high automation level, etc. it can also be configured with data remote display and control system according to customer requirements.
3. It has the alarm and shutdown functions of low oil pressure, low water pressure, high temperature, low inlet pressure and high exhaust pressure of the compressor, which makes the operation of the compressor more reliable.

Carbon dioxide compressor structure introduction

The unit is composed of compressor host, motor, coupling, flywheel, pipeline system, cooling system, electrical equipment and auxiliary equipment.

Lubrication mode

1. No oil 2. With oil

Cooling mode

1. Water cooling 2. Air cooling 3. Mixed cooling (select according to actual demand)

Overall structure form

Fixed type, mobile type, skid mounted type, acoustic shelter type, etc. (select according to actual demand)

Carbon dioxide compressor

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