Vacuum pump in glass manufacturing

Rotary vane vacuum pump in glass manufacturing

The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in glass manufacturing contributes to low carbon economy. The development of winter heating and summer air conditioning not only gives people a comfortable life, but also brings huge energy consumption, building energy consumption has accounted for nearly 30% of the total energy consumption. What’s more, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, building energy consumption will increase rapidly. Huge energy consumption and environmental pollution have become serious problems for China’s sustainable development.

The production of hollow glass products requires the use of a large amount of compressed air and vacuum. Ensuring the quality and reliability of all plant components is a top priority, as equipment failure in the manufacturing process is bound to be very costly. Vane compressors and vane vacuum pumps are the best solutions for 24-hour operation.

The production process of glass mainly includes:

1. Raw material preprocessing. The block raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) are crushed, so that the wet raw materials dry, iron containing raw materials for iron removal treatment, in order to ensure the quality of glass.

2. Preparation of mating materials.

3. The melting system. The glass mixture is heated at a high temperature (1550~1600 degrees) in the pool kiln or crucible kiln to form a liquid glass that is uniform, bubble-free and in line with the requirements of forming.

4. To shape. Process liquid glass into the desired shape of the product, such as plate, various utensils, etc.

5. Heat treatment. Through annealing, quenching and other processes, the stress, phase separation or crystallization inside the glass can be eliminated or generated, and the structural state of the glass can be changed.

The main advantages of rotary vane vacuum pump are:

1, the advantage of the rotary vane vacuum pump is the newly put into use of the pump vacuum relatively high.

2. The gas compression in the rotary vane vacuum pump is isothermal. Due to the absence of an exhaust valve and friction surface, dust-laden gas, condensable gas and gas-water mixture can be removed. With these outstanding characteristics, although it is inefficient, it is still widely used.

3, simple structure, manufacturing precision demand is not high, brief processing, compact structure.

4, with stop pump anti-oil device, again easy to start.

5, with a gas valve, can remove a small amount of water vapor.

6. The exhaust port is equipped with oil mist catcher to avoid environmental pollution.

7. Able to maintain high pumping speed under strong low pressure.

Compressed air is used to create a vacuum in the production machine. Compressed air systems are needed to control the normal supply of air to various molding equipment and plants. Rotary vane vacuum pumps are used to evacuate glass models. This ensures high quality products and increases the number of trouble-free products per hour.

Higher output can be obtained by using vacuum pump support. These two-stage systems include roots vacuum pumps and rotary vane vacuum pumps for the production of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

This paper briefly describes that making glass by vacuum technology is an important part of building energy saving and an important measure to save energy and reduce emission and realize low-carbon economy. This paper introduces the production technology of glass and special glass manufacturing the knowledge of the rotary-vane vacuum pump, through the rotary vane vacuum pump application in the glass manufacturing is analyzed, can learn to vacuum glass, low cost high quality and large quantity of industrial production and application of vacuum glass, reliable technical basis.

Vacuum pump in glass manufacturing

Vacuum pump in glass manufacturing

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