dry screw vacuum pump in solvent dewaxing process

The solvent dewaxing process involves cooling the wax oil and condensing it into wax, then filtering and cleaning with a solvent. Keeping the vacuum in the vacuum drum filter makes it possible for the wax oil to pass through the filter with a large flow under the action of external pressure. Nitrogen is usually used as a protective gas to enter the filter and be pumped out. The filtered oil and nitrogen enter the receiver, and the oil is separated; the nitrogen enters the vacuum pump through the drum. Such continuous dewaxing cycle operation.

The working principle of the dry screw vacuum pump is mainly to use the gear drive to synchronize the reverse rotation of the left screw and the right screw, which are meshed and do not touch each other, to rotate at a high speed. The pump casing and the meshing propeller spiral groove are divided into multiple spaces to form multiple In the first stage, the gas is transported in equal grooves without compression. Only the spiral structure at the end of the screw can compress the gas. The pressure gradient can be formed between the stages of the screw to disperse the pressure difference and increase the compression ratio. The gaps of each part and the pump speed have a great influence on the performance of the pump.

When designing the gap of each part of the screw, the expansion, processing and assembly accuracy and working environment should be considered. The dry screw vacuum pump does not have an exhaust valve like the roots vacuum pump.

dry screw vacuum pump in solvent dewaxing process

What will affect the life of dry screw vacuum pump

Nowadays, many people or a company have a very strong demand for dry screw vacuum pumps, and there are some potential customer consumer groups who want to know whether screw vacuum pumps are worth our use and what should be paid attention to. Faced with many screw vacuum pump products, how to manage and make scientific and reasonable choices are all things for everyone to think about. Next, I will introduce some research contents in this area.

1.The use of equipment is affected by the environment

First of all, the influence of the service life of the spiral vacuum pump lies in the factors of the use environment. Different working environments have different effects on the equipment. If used under harsh conditions, it is more prone to failure and shorten the service life. If used in normal environment, it can be used for a long time.

2.The equipment has a low failure rate and a long service life

Because different types of manufacturers use different technical capabilities when producing screw vacuum pump equipment, the service life is generally different.

3. The quality of the screw vacuum pump itself

The service life of screw vacuum pump equipment depends on its own quality level. Because the products produced by manufacturers have different functions and materials, the quality of the vacuum pump is different, resulting in a different service life.

The service life of the screw vacuum pump is actually related to many influencing factors, but we can maintain it by ourselves when using it, and conduct research and use in accordance with the standard operating system.

How to repair the exhaust valve of dry screw vacuum pump

We use dry screw vacuum pumps mainly to achieve high-efficiency pumping and exhausting. When it comes to exhausting, we refer to its exhaust valve. The exhaust valve plays an important role in exhausting the equipment and balancing the air pressure in time. Once the exhaust valve is abnormal, it will affect the use of the equipment. How to repair the exhaust valve?

1.Remove the end cover first, and check the taper of the dry vacuum pump cavity, the tolerance of the end face, the parallelism of the eccentric wheel, etc. The result is that the problem is not big and it is within the allowable range. After assembly, the vacuum is still swinging, and it is suspected that the pump body seal is leaking, so brush it with shellac paint solution several times to dry and then test.

2.After listening to the sound of the pump, it is found that the valve plate of the dry vacuum pump is not clear and slightly uneven. It can be seen that there are several bubbles coming out, but the valve plate is not broken. Observe carefully and find that the valve cannot close the air outlet. After inspection, it was found that the angle of the valve plate was incorrect after installation, that is, it was not parallel to the air outlet. At this time, the valve plate is repaired to a certain angle, and the valve plate is pressed by the spring. Then test the vacuum again, and the hand will no longer swing. The operation proved that they have indeed been repaired.

Therefore, we must do a good job in the maintenance and management of the dry vacuum pump exhaust valve. Through the maintenance, the valve can be repaired in time to restore the valve to normal. At the same time, you can also do a good job of maintaining the equipment yourself to prevent the occurrence of failures.

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