Dry screw vacuum pump for pure vacuum process

In order to break through the monopoly of foreign technology and complete the nationalization of products, the dry screw vacuum pumps used by many enterprises in Our country are imported products with high cost.  The product has now been successfully developed.

Now see dry screw vacuum pump has so many different designs, each has its own characteristics and advantages and defects, more and more users realize that the stability of vacuum pump should be taken into account;  Is dry screw vacuum pump in the pump shell has a pair of synchronous reverse screw at high speed, and thus the role of suction and exhaust extraction equipment, two screw precision dynamic balancing correction, bearing support the device in the pump shell, because the screw and leaves a certain space between the screw, so running, there would be no friction between each other, due to the screw design adopts single stage design,  The number of parts used can be reduced by up to 60 percent.  This is a big advantage for stability and future maintenance costs.  Dry screw vacuum pump is a high technical content of green products, high precision, high output, stable operation performance, not easy to go wrong.

Dry screw vacuum pump for pure vacuum process

Dry screw vacuum pump is mainly used for high purity vacuum process, vacuum degree is very high, so it can adapt to bad working conditions, can deal with gas containing condensible steam, gas containing small particles, it has low energy consumption, pumping speed, long service life, maintenance free, without smooth characteristics, etc. Therefore, in petrochemical, metallurgy, medicine, biological engineering, paper making, microelectronics engineering and other industries will be a comprehensive replacement of low-technology vacuum equipment.

Dry screw vacuum pump is the trend of the industry in the future, has not been widely used, that is because in addition to the price is high, but the stability of performance and the characteristics of green environmental protection is gradually accepted by more and more people!

The above is a small series of dry screw vacuum pump is the introduction of the trend of the development of the industry in the future, we can refer to it.  Our company’s 24-hour hotline is at your service.

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