Oil free scroll vacuum pump for expanded food packaging

What kind of gas is in the puffed food? The packaging of potato chips will be vacuumized first and then filled with some kind of gas, generally nitrogen, or a mixture of two or three gases.

Nitrogen is often used to fill food packaging because of its stable chemical properties. It can prevent crushing and greatly enhance the compression resistance after filling. Colorless, tasteless and nontoxic. And it is not easy to react with the content and is antiseptic.

So why not fill the gas directly and vacuum it first? In fact, the manufacturer is still relatively strict. On the one hand, the adulterated air will affect the taste, and on the other hand, the shelf life of healthy anti-corrosion will be considered!

What kind of vacuum pump does the general manufacturer have?

1. Pumps that meet hygienic food standards.

2. To meet the requirements of food sealing.

3. Small volume, light weight and simple operation.

Note: too large vacuum pump is not easy to move and install, so it is inconvenient to use as a vacuum pump package.

Dry scroll vacuum pump Used Inaerospace application in Asia

The oil-free scroll vacuum pump is composed of pump head, motor, base, etc. The pump head includes rotating and stationary scroll, crankshaft seal, fan and pump housing, etc. The vortex disk is composed of a circular plane and one or several involute vortex shaped disks protruding from it. The fixed vortex disk and the moving vortex disk form a vortex disk pair to form the basic pumping structure of the oil-free vortex vacuum pump. In the working process, the moving and fixed scroll plates are not in contact with each other, and rely on relative motion to form a crescent shaped closed compression chamber with shrinking volume. Through the circulation of suction, compression and exhaust, the gas is sucked in from the suction port and discharged from the exhaust port, so as to realize the vacuum pumping of the cavity.

Oil free scroll vacuum pump features:

1. No lubrication, no water cooling.

2. There is no return oil and no fuel injection.

3. Low noise, low vibration.

4. There is no contact between the moving and fixed scroll plates, so the energy consumption is low.

5. The sealing material is super wear-resistant, reliable and durable.

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