2BA water ring vacuum pump

Some industries, especially metallurgy, chemical industry, food and electronics, need to use vacuum environment and vacuum containers in order to achieve complete aseptic operation. At the same time, it can also be carried out in the vacuum environment, more abundant operations. For example, the realization of high-temperature heat treatment, such as the realization of aseptic treatment. So let’s take a look at the advantages of 2BA water ring vacuum pump.

2BA water ring vacuum pump main application advantages:

The old vacuum pump obviously has obvious defects in use. For example, it can only transport and extract gas in relatively clean air quality. For some air containing relatively high quality water vapor, or relatively high degree of condensed particles, or some toxic, flammable and explosive gases, it is difficult to realize the application of the vacuum pump. At this time, it is difficult to use the vacuum pump The emergence of water ring vacuum pump is in line with the market demand to meet the market trend, and its main application advantages are also widely recognized.

Simple structure, easy to use integrated control.

The latest water ring vacuum pump can satisfy the function of suction with water, and its structure is relatively simple. You can assemble and use it by yourself. Because of the integrated control, it is more convenient to use. Even the inexperienced people do not have to worry about damaging the delivery pump, so they can create a vacuum container in a vacuum environment. Relatively speaking, this way is safer, but also greatly improves the efficiency of people’s work.

It is safer to work in a relatively complex work environment.

With the appearance of water ring and vacuum pump, people can pump and transport in a relatively special air environment. For example, in the flammable and explosive gas, in the toxic gas, or in the gas containing water vapor, or in the gas containing condensed particles, free vacuum environment can be created, which is not easy to cause danger in the use process. For the staff It is also relatively safe. At present, this kind of mechanical equipment has been widely used in many industries such as medicine, food, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, leather printing and dyeing in China, and has been widely used.

Because this kind of water ring vacuum transfer pump can better meet the needs of bad working conditions, it has been widely used in many chemical fields, and also greatly improved the safety of users to prevent accidents.


What are the characteristics of 2BA water ring vacuum pump

1、 The aluminum bronze impeller has high strength and durability, and improves the corrosion resistance of 2BA water ring vacuum pump. If the flow passage parts are made of stainless steel, they can work in more severe environment.

2、 2BA water ring vacuum pump is designed with coaxial direct connection, which saves space and is easy to install.

Three, the 2BA water ring vacuum pump all uses the foreign import mechanical seal as the standard configuration.

4、 All 2BA water ring vacuum pumps are equipped with cavitation protection pipe interface. If they work under the limit pressure, opening the cavitation protection pipe interface (or connecting with the separator) can eliminate the cavitation sound and protect the pump under the condition of ensuring the maximum suction effect.

5、 All adopt Y2 series motor, protection grade IP54, IP55 (IP44 in general)

6、 All 2BA water ring vacuum pumps adopt NTN or NSK imported bearings

7、 The unique design of flexible exhaust port will not produce over compression, which ensures the best efficiency of 2BA water ring vacuum pump in its performance range.

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