Remanufactured Nash * CL series pumps

Remanufactured Nash CL series pumps

Common conditions of Nash * CL series remanufactured vacuum pumps:

When there’s an excess fluid in

Any vacuum pump is designed to handle gases, such as air. Many types of vacuum pumps compress the gas from a lower pressure to the outlet atmospheric pressure, but few can handle a “wet vacuum,” which can be harmful if a large amount of liquid enters the pump body with the gas for compression.

However, the introduction of liquid does no harm to CL vacuum pump, no matter the occasional mud or long-term droplets brought in, they can be accepted by the pump, and the capacity of the pump is not affected, if there are many ways to recover the brought liquid.

When a gas contains solid particles

Remanufactured Nash * CL series pumps also allow entry of solid particles into the inlet, except, of course, for abrasive and large solids. Because abrasives will shorten pump life, large solids will cause pump damage and they need to be filtered out beforehand. However, CL vacuum pump allows other solids to enter the vacuum pump, which is an important reason for choosing this kind of vacuum pump.

For example, paper fiber will appear on the vacuum line of the paper mill, and the finishing device of the textile mill must deal with the textile fiber. In many vacuum systems of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, paste or soft objects are often contained. CL vacuum pump has been successfully applied in situations where similar problems exist.

When gases are corrosive

Many factors are favorable to the corrosion resistance of CL vacuum pump. First of all, there are no lubrication parts in the pump, so there is no need to consider the destruction of chemical agents and emulsification of lubricant, and there are many ways that the working fluid can protect the pump from chemical erosion.

One method is to select the working fluid and neutralize it with the gas. Another method is to choose a neutral liquid relative to the corrosive gas to protect the metal parts of the pump by diluting the corrosive gas.

When the steam needs to be recycled

Gases that are processed by vacuum systems often need to be recycled rather than discharged into the atmosphere, mainly because the gas is produced or has recycling value. Sometimes we must recycle explosive, irritating and toxic gases to avoid air pollution.

The CL vacuum pump can be used as a condenser when the gas is vapor in the vacuum state. The condensate cooled in the heat exchanger is the working fluid of the pump. Some of the working fluid can be injected into the pump before the suction port to condense the saturated steam before the inlet, which not only improves the capacity of the pump, but also improves the efficiency of the pump.

When you need stable operations

Since the remanufactured Nash * CL series pumps operate without pressure pulses, no buffer tanks are required. On the other hand, its smoothness is due to the mechanical operation of the pump, which has only one rotating part, the balanced rotor, which means that the equipment installation and base costs are saved.

When you need reliability

Remanufactured Nash * CL series pumps are often used in situations where occasional shutdown maintenance costs tens of thousands of dollars per hour. In many installations, they do not require spare parts or spare pumps. His reliability is also reflected in his extremely low maintenance costs.

The pump does not contain valves, screws, pistons, gears, the usual gasket and anti-friction bearing in the external connection, the material and design has been fully confirmed, the manufacturing process is also the most advanced, we each pump before the factory has passed a strict test, so in your use process can rely on him.

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