Vacuum unit used in the pigment industry

The big gap in the natural color industry is the low pH blue and green. Since blue is very shiny in appearance, and blue is a key factor in generating green, these tones are particularly distinctive.

In addition, the FDA’s restrictions on the use of spirulina add another layer of complexity. At present, phyco blue is approved for use in candy, gelatin, ice cream, and candy coating. Since most fruit snack brands do not classify their products as candies, the blue and green colors obtained from spirulina are only suitable for gummy candies.

pigment industry

In the next few years, we will continue to research new technologies to find new sources, but the existing blue vegetable juice and spirulina provide a good foundation for us to build natural green food colors.

At the same time, we found that after adding its natural pigments, the color remained good during the production and heating process. Because of this discovery, we are applying more and more natural pigments to foods that require heating.

The following introduces the roots water ring vacuum unit used in the pigment industry, if you want to know more about it, please contact us.

The use of roots water ring vacuum unit is related to the external environment

Roots vacuum unit refers to a vacuum process without special requirements. The environmental requirements of this type of roots vacuum unit are: any roots vacuum unit requires no accumulated pollution sources, no dust, no iron filings, and no rust on the surface. The surface of the vacuum chamber of the Roots vacuum unit should be smooth, free of soft structures, pores, internal welds and other defects that affect the vacuum.

Vacuum unit used in the pigment industry

The flanges and the sealing parts of the observation window should be coated with High vacuum grease. Roots water ring vacuum units should generally work in a clean air circulation environment with a temperature of 15 ~ 30°C and a relative humidity of not higher than 70%, and the cooling water inlet temperature should not be higher than 25°C.

Therefore, the Roots vacuum unit is relatively special and has strict requirements for cleaning treatment, so the pollution of the parts must be removed or reduced to a large extent.

How to do the anti-corrosion work of Roots water ring vacuum unit

At present, in some large-scale chemical plants and industries with strong corrosiveness, the material requirements of Roots water ring vacuum units are getting higher and higher. In order to reduce costs, some factories will require stainless steel impellers or stainless steel overflow parts. However, in the actual use process, the pump will be severely corroded within a few months, which actually greatly increases the production cost. The Borui steel impeller is fixed on the main shaft with steel keys, and Borui steel shaft sleeves are installed on both sides of the impeller to protect the main shaft from corrosive media. The shaft seals at both ends are mechanical seals.

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