Roots vacuum pump in hydrocarbon cleaner

Roots vacuum pump in hydrocarbon cleaning machine

Roots vacuum pump in hydrocarbon cleaner

What is vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning? The cleaning principle of hydrocarbon cleaner is only based on the dissolving capacity of solvent. Degreasing mechanism based on solubility in oil or oil contamination: principle similar to compatibility. Place the cleaning basket with workpiece on the feeding table, and then send it to the feeding position of the cleaning machine automatically. The cleaning basket is pushed into the cleaner in sequence through the robot for cleaning, vacuum drying, and finally the cleaning basket is automatically discharged through the discharge table. Send out (take out the workpiece) and complete the whole cleaning to drying process. In the hydrocarbon cleaning machine industry, there are many vacuum pumps that can be selected. Today,

Dongguan pronock Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. analyzes the practical application of Roots vacuum pump in the hydrocarbon cleaning machine.
The process of full-automatic vacuum hydrocarbon cleaning machine is automatically controlled by PLC. The main production line of the equipment is composed of two vacuum degassing ultrasonic cleaning, one powerful vacuum ultrasonic cleaning and two steam cleaning + vacuum drying. Its working principle is to use the mechanical vibration with strong ultrasonic penetration force to impact the surface of the workpiece and combine the chemical decontamination effect of hydrocarbon cleaning agent to carry out comprehensive cleaning under vacuum, Make the workpiece surface, blind hole and slit clean.

Different types of vacuum pumps vary greatly. The commonly used vacuum pumps of hydrocarbon cleaning machine are as follows:

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Features: low price, high efficiency, easy to install and connect; in order to reduce the suction of solvent gas by vacuum pump, the front-end processing device has higher requirements;

Dry screw vacuum pump

Features: dry operation, strong solvent resistance, low requirements for suction gas processing equipment; large flow rate in high vacuum, more suitable for use of hydrocarbon cleaning machine; long maintenance cycle, low cost.

Roots vacuum pump

Features: quick start, low power consumption, low operation and maintenance cost, large pumping speed, high efficiency, insensitive to a small amount of water vapor and dust contained in the extracted gas, large pumping speed within the pressure range of 100-1 PA, and able to quickly remove the suddenly released gas.

The function of Roots vacuum pump in hydrocarbon cleaning machine

In this process, roots vacuum pump plays an important role in drying parts and recovering hydrocarbon solvent:

1. Remove the air in the cleaner to reduce the attenuation of ultrasonic wave
2. Eliminate the air in the workpiece surface and pores to improve the cleaning effect
3. Boiling point, named as hydrocarbon cleaner, can also realize gas phase cleaning
4. Use the vacuum impact effect to improve the drying speed
5. Vacuum distillation to regenerate hydrocarbon cleaner
6. Separate oxygen to inactivate hydrocarbon cleaner

Vacuum pump is widely used in cleaning machine industry, and with the development of this industry, new products are constantly launched to meet new customer needs. In vacuum cleaner industry, oil rotary vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump and water-cooled screw vacuum pump are often used. Pronock’s products have become the choice of many customers.

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